Managing People At Work

Welcome back to the office. Hello, flu season

November 1, 2022
After two years of worrying about covid, a familiar virus again makes its way into the newly inhabited workplace: the office cold. Here’s what health and workplace experts advise.

Tattoos no longer workplace taboo

October 26, 2022
Since the start of covid, a study shows that 60% of Americans think that the definition of what is deemed “professional” has changed, according to Bloomberg. And that includes tattoos.

8 tips for keeping workplace messages from turning toxic

October 26, 2022
The best time to address negative issues is before they become a major plague—or a lawsuit. Here are eight strategies for us all to employ.

Omitting salary in a job description

October 26, 2022
A hot debate in HR is whether to post a salary range in job descriptions. A growing number of local and state laws—California’s, for example—recently mandated it. But is it a good idea? If you ask prospective candidates, the answer is a resounding yes.

Boorish behavior or harassment? Know the difference

October 26, 2022
Not every crude comment or poorly received joke amounts to sexual harassment. An older federal appeals court decision overturning a sexual harassment jury award offers tips on what qualifies as illegal sexual harassment and where to draw the line.

Build a resilient team

October 26, 2022
Depression, stress and anxiety, according to a global study, now account for 82.6% of all emotional health cases. But resilient employers view a difficulty as a challenge, not a paralyzing event.

To spur excellence, communicate differently

October 25, 2022
Two tips to try.

Don’t discourage employees from taking FMLA leave!

October 25, 2022
The Supreme Court declined to hear an Illinois case involving a corrections officer who claimed a manager told him that he would be disciplined if he took any more FMLA leave.

Re-recruit your employees

October 25, 2022
Focus on keeping the best employees by “re-recruiting” them. Here are three ways to increase retention.

Coach, don’t punish, if progress is possible

October 25, 2022
Progressive discipline, or a system of graduating threats, is a common strategy to address employee misbehavior or performance problems. “The whole process is doomed to fail,” writes Sue Bingham, founder of HWCP Group.