Stop incivility in its tracks to cool simmering tension

March 1, 2010
Sometimes, serious conflict arises from the silliest acts. Workers who lack civility in small ways can leave big problems in their wake.

Lessons learned: Mingle with ease

March 1, 2010
Follow these steps to make strangers feel comfortable and eager to learn more about you.

Get everyone reading

March 1, 2010
Get in the spirit of Read Across America Day.

Pose one-sentence questions

March 1, 2010
How to be a good listener and effectively communicate with your staff.

Pause before you talk yourself into trouble

March 1, 2010
How to think before you speak and use your words effectively.

Are you sure you’re right?

March 1, 2010
If you’re always sure that you’re right—and you speak in a tone of know-it-all certainty—you actually can lose credibility even though you possess vast knowledge.

Withstand a withering boss

February 1, 2010
If you work for a hothead who screams and curses, do you yell back? As satisfying as it may feel at the time, ratcheting up your fury won’t solve the problem.

Stick to the facts

February 1, 2010
When you address a roomful of VIPs, watch your nerves. Don’t fight the jitters by trying too hard. That can cause you to butter up bigwigs insincerely and praise them repeatedly.

Using humor to score points

February 1, 2010
Using humor in your business presentation is not for you to fancy yourself as a comedy club headliner. The goals of humor are to engage your audience and reinforce your point.

Earn trust by requesting feedback

January 1, 2010
One of the most endearing traits of a good manager is a willingness to ask for feedback from peers and employees.