Employee Performance

When you have to reprimand

May 1, 2007
We try to be positive and motivating, but sometimes we have to reprimand people when they screw up. Here’s how to do it.

Beating the six-month slump

May 1, 2007
Most employees begin a job with lots of energy and then disengage over the first four to six months. How can you prevent your employees from becoming disengaged at work?

Perfection: not a dirty word

April 1, 2007
The world of work is too complex, with too many variables outside our control, to reasonably expect perfect results every time. But we can, at the same time, strive for perfect performance.

When the boss’s daughter bends the rules

April 1, 2007
“Treat her just like all the other employees,” Mr. Bigg, the company CEO, told you when Sam came on board. “I don’t want her getting special treatment because she’s my daughter.”

Support excellence, don’t ‘force’ it

April 1, 2007
I was gladdened to see a recent Business Week piece that takes on one of my own long-standing pet peeves: forced ranking.

Performance reviews: a two-way street

February 1, 2007
Performance reviews are an excel­lent time to exchange important information with employees. But to be effective, there must be a genuine exchange.

Employee performance: When coaching isn’t the answer

February 1, 2007
As a manager, you know that coaching your employees is an effective means of resolving performance problems, but some issues require other approaches.

Setting clear performance standards

January 1, 2007
“I didn’t know what you expected … Well, no one told me to do it that way!” Have you heard this complaint before? Probably so.

Keeping job descriptions current and accurate

December 1, 2006
Your employees have job titles. And specific duties are inherent in the title. But, often, it’s not that simple. Here are some guidelines to help you keep job descriptions in line with the actual work your employees do.

How to help grieving workers succeed

October 1, 2006
When workers are grieving or recover­ing from tragedy or loss, the role of the manager is vitally important. An under­standing manager can help these workers continue to succeed.