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Overcoming the ‘seven deadly workplace sins’

January 1, 2004
“Working Wounded” columnist Bob Rosner, former Workforce editor Allan Halcrow and cartoonist John Lavin detail in their book Gray Matters: The Workplace Survival Guide “the seven deadly workplace sins” and practical ways to overcome them.

Work Technology: A dog’s-eye view of software upgrades

December 1, 2003
A recent article in Computerworld caught our attention — “All I Know About Software Upgrades I Learned From My Dog.” The author, consultant Rebecca Wettemann of Nucleus Research, discusses the challenges of determining whether an upgrade provides real return on investment — using a metaphor every pet owner can appreciate.

Are you a boss or a buddy?

August 1, 2001
Every manager must decide how much to get involved in employees’ personal lives. Show concern for workers’ personal lives; just don’t get too enmeshed.

Get the most from your temps

June 1, 1998
Some managers hire temps and then pray that the newcomers don’t get too far behind or make too many mistakes. But there’s a better way.

Got the smarts? Don’t rub it in

December 1, 1997
Convinced you’re smarter than just about everyone else at work? You may be right, but don’t get carried away. Your intelligence can work for or against you.

Enliven your training sessions

December 1, 1997
If your training sessions are nothing more than lectures, your audience just may fall asleep before you’re through. Kick those sessions up a notch with these techniques

Cut Noise Pollution at Work

July 1, 1997
Stroll through your workplace and listen. What do you hear?