Legal Issues

Manager’s Checkup: The right message on diversity

January 1, 2006
Building respect for diversity on your team is both the right thing to do and essential for optimum performance. Are you sending your team the right message on diversity?

Legal Matters

December 1, 2005

Who is an ‘applicant’? Reverse discrimination …

When applicants are overqualified

December 1, 2005
You’ve posted an entry-level position, and now you’re getting flooded with résumés from candidates with substantial skills, education and experience. What do you do with these overqualified applicants? Here’s some expert advice:

Legal Matters

October 1, 2005
Telework and the ADA … Harassment by customers …

A world without drug tests?

August 1, 2005
It seems like most all employers announce in their want ads and employee handbooks that theirs are “drug-free workplaces.” So it’s surprising to learn that the use of drug screening tests is actually on the decline, according to the American Management Association.

Making room for faith at work

July 1, 2005
For decades, managers in the U.S. have been challenged by the tricky issue of religion in the workplace. If every worker has a legally protected right to religious freedom, what does an employer do when different workers’ religious beliefs (or lack of them) come into conflict?

Combating workplace violence

July 1, 2005
After several years of decline, incidents of on-the-job violence are once again on the increase, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

When customers cross the line

June 2, 2005
Employers can be liable for harassment of workers not only by other workers, but also by customers. But often, managers who’d have no qualms about investigating—or firing—a harassing co-worker are nervous about jeopardizing a customer relationship.

Legal Matters: Smith v. City of Jackson

June 2, 2005
In the major employment-law case of its current term, the U.S. Supreme Court (in Smith v. City of Jackson) has ruled that workers over age 40 can sue employers over decisions that favor younger workers, even if this bias isn’t deliberate.

Legal Matters: An update on USERRA

May 1, 2005
A recent change to the law requires that USERRA information, outlining employee rights, be posted along with the rest of your labor-law notices.