Management Skills

When a rookie employee gets swamped by snow

January 1, 2004
Sabrina, one of your newer and younger but better workers, has been absent twice this winter. Neither time did she call to alert you, as the company’s “snow day” policy requires. Now you’re supposed to dock her a day’s pay and put a counseling note in her personnel file. But you don’t want to …

Help make delegation work

January 1, 2004
When you delegate, the task you see as a molehill may seem more like Mount Everest to the employee you ask to do it. Lack of confidence is just one of the reasons why employees can be daunted by the thought of delegation. Here’s some sage advice from the pros that will help you help your team:

Manager’s Checkup: Are you ready to motivate your staff?

December 1, 2003
Are you ready to motivate your people? Not if you aren’t motivated yourself. If you feel like you’re dragging yourself through the workday, your people are going to pick up on your lack of energy and enthusiasm. And that’s the last thing you need. Take this quiz and see how you handle some common demotivators for managers.

Manager’s Checkup: Do you ask employees the right questions?

July 1, 2003
The best managers spend more time listening and asking questions than they do talking and giving answers. Are you asking your people the right questions? Take this multiple-choice quiz and find out:

Time-tested tips for time management

July 1, 2003
Time is every manager’s most important non-renewable resource. Here are some proven tips for making the most of the time you have.

Manager’s Checkup: Handling workaholic behavior on your team

February 1, 2003
How do you handle workaholic behavior on your team? Take this quiz and find out:

Get a nitpicker back on track

April 1, 2001
If you manage compulsive nitpickers, then you’ve probably squandered hours haggling with them over minutiae. Try these strategies.

Grant favors equitably

March 1, 2000
Sometimes, team members need or want favors—to come in late, leave early, pass on an assignment, get a deadline extended, etc. But how do you accommodate such requests without leaving other team members grumbling?

Hold a waffler accountable

September 1, 1997
Wafflers constantly change their minds and give wishy-washy answers to even the most simple fact-finding questions. To hold a waffler accountable, try these techniques.

Managing through change

July 1, 1997

Just because change is a constant in today’s workplace doesn’t mean employees like it or are open to embrace it.