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You know your business and you like your work. It’s all the other stuff that drives you nuts and slows you down—the constant negotiation with the boss, the care and feeding of your colleagues, the never-ending needs of your direct reports. 
How about some good news for a change?
Our free podcast will teach you how transform these impediments into a springboard to success. Change your outlook and your whole work life in about an hour, by listening to the management training podcast: "The Best of Managing People at Work.”
Here’s what you’ll learn:

MOTIVATION: Turn employees into consultants. Before you hire your next pricey consultant, look within. Have you already harnessed the brainpower of your employees? Learn how to turn your employees at all levels into more sophisticated business analysts who can contribute their ideas and strategic recommendations to improve your firm's bottom line. (7 min.)

MANAGING THE BOSS: Can you take advice? When your boss tries to mentor you and gives you advice to improve your performance, how do you respond? Your behavior when listening to advice (or criticism) can largely determine whether you're viewed as a mature, self-possessed professional. Learn how to digest a boss's advice with open-minded curiosity so that you come across as eager to learn. (5 min.)

TIME MANAGEMENT: Simple steps to boost productivity. On an average day in the U.S., there are 17 million meetings. That's one obstacle to manage time effectively. Learn how to focus on making every minute of your workday count. Rather than waste time in meetings, develop and implement a simple time management system based on a few key principles. (6 min.)

LEADERSHIP: Improve your attitude with self-talk. When you're disappointed with an employee's performance, don't lash out. Instead, learn how to modulate the tone of your self-talk so that you feed yourself positive, proactive mental messages that spur you to take productive action. (5 min.

PUBLIC SPEAKING: Use slides with care. Learn how to prepare slides that maximize your appeal, rivet the audience's attention and help you convey your main points. (5 min.)

MANAGING ADVERSITY: How to overcome setbacks. Your leadership is put to the ultimate test when you face severe setbacks at work. Do you crumble and give in? Or do you fight and overcome obstacles? Learn a three-step process to guide you through managing and overcoming setbacks. (6 min.)

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Why it pays to over-communicate. Many managers know they should over-communicate with their employees. But they may still fail to keep their workers well informed about relevant organizational news. Learn how to over-communicate consistently so that you raise the trust level among your team and update them about key issues so that they know what you know. (5 min.)

MANAGING THE BOSS: How to brag without bragging. Learn a four-step process to help you subtly boast about your problem-solving capabilities to your boss--without bragging. This process consists of introducing the situation (to set the proper context), summarizing the problem you confronted, describing the action steps you took to solve it and citing measurable results. (6 min.)

NETWORKING: Mingle With Flair. Many managers dread networking events. They tend to feel nervous or self-conscious as they approach strangers.Learn how to develop a mindset of curiosity that drives more lively, stimulating conversations--and how to break the ice to forge connections with others. (5 min.)

MANAGING DIFFICULT EMPLOYEES: How to tame troublemakers. When you manage difficult employees, you need to intervene quickly to produce the desired behavioral change. Learn how to lead a positive discussion with troublemakers in which you present a clear choice that they need to make to improve, identify the consequences of their actions and create ongoing tracking mechanisms. (5 min.)

NEGOTIATION SKILLS: Make it easy to reach agreement. The key to effective negotiation is to prepare with care. WE provide a road map to help you succeed—whether you negotiate with an employee, peer, boss or customer. Learn three key questions to ask yourself before you say a word. The answers keep you focused on what matters most and protects you from manipulation by others. (5 min.)

EMPLOYEE TRAINING: Learning from daily experience. To train your employees, you can send them to seminars and give them self-study manuals. Here's a more practical yet lower-cost strategy: Create informal, stimulating ways for workers to learn everyday from each other. We give you tips on how to set up daily information sharing so that employees can pool their knowledge, resources and expertise to make each other smarter. (5 min.)

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