Legal Issues

Keep it Legal: Tread carefully when monitoring employees

March 10, 2023
With rapid advances in technology, monitoring the workplace has become easier and cheaper. It’s no longer just cameras in common areas. Now it’s possible to examine productivity measures like keystrokes taken during a shift and out-of-office activity through vehicle location or company-issued cell phones and laptops. But there are definite areas managers should be aware of—and legal implications to keep in mind.

Revise handbook to address remote harassment

February 21, 2023
If you haven’t reviewed your employee handbook in the last year or so and updated it to reflect new laws and important HR trends, you should do so soon. Otherwise, you’re probably working with an outdated and legally risky document that may do more harm than good. Here are some proactive handbook changes to consider making now to address harassment issues that can arise when employees work remotely.

Keep it Legal: Train managers on military service

February 17, 2023
Employees who are current or past military members are protected from discrimination based on their past, present or future service under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. Including information on USERRA in management and supervisor training is essential.

Decided to terminate? Don’t wait to act

February 13, 2023
Once you have made the decision to fire a worker, try to carry out the firing promptly. Delaying can backfire. If you must wait, write a memo memorializing when and why you made the discharge decision. That documentation can help you later if the terminated worker files a lawsuit.

Keep it Legal: Manager responsibilities for family and medical leave

February 10, 2023
Employee work-life balance is critical for companies to attract, retain and engage employees. Managers are encouraged to focus on how many hours and how much stress an employee is undertaking and to react to any excess. While attendance is important, managers must be aware of employees’ protections under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

5 policy tips for managing workplace romance

January 31, 2023
Whether co-worker relationships develop on the shop floor or over Zoom, they pose the same risks for HR professionals charged with maintaining workplace harmony and limiting legal liability.

Keep it Legal: 5 tips for firing employees the right way

January 27, 2023
Firing employees is one of the most challenging parts of being a manager, but it is also often unavoidable. If you need some help building up this essential skill, don’t worry. BambooHR published a recent blog offering five helpful tips on how to fire an employee the right way.

OK to discipline worker who filed complaint

January 24, 2023
Make sure your organization’s supervisors understand that it’s perfectly legal to impose legitimate discipline on an employee who has filed a harassment or discrimination complaint.

Pay for travel time to voluntary OT shift?

January 17, 2023
If an hourly employee has to travel from one location to another to continue their principal activities during the workday, then that’s paid time. Commuting time, however, is unpaid. But what if an employee completes a full shift at one location and voluntarily takes on an overtime shift at a different location?

DOL to propose new OT threshold by May

January 11, 2023
Millions more white-collar employees could become newly eligible for overtime pay later this year. The Department of Labor has confirmed plans to update the overtime salary threshold by May.