Employee Performance

Plan ahead to apply PIPs consistently, fairly

January 31, 2023
When employees aren’t living up to work standards, consider placing them on a performance improvement plan that spells out what they must do to keep their jobs. While each case will be unique, it’s important to set up procedures for implementing PIPs in advance.

12 tips for your next performance review

January 18, 2023
At its core, performance reviews don’t need to be complicated, says Paul Falcone, principal of Paul Falcone Workplace Leadership Consulting. Following are 12 practical tips for your HR team and managers to put into practice during their next round of performance reviews.

Workcations—a new job perk?

January 6, 2023
Remote work has given employees permission to work from anywhere. Some workers are taking that flexibility literally by mixing work and play when choosing locations to explore when they’re not working. Enter a new trend: the workcation.

Keep your PTO levels in check to reduce burnout and financial liabilities

January 6, 2023
More than half (59%) of workers report at least moderate levels of burnout, according to the 2022-2023 Aflac WorkForces Report. Offering more paid time off isn’t the answer to reducing fatigue.

Are performance reviews a thing of the past?

December 15, 2022
If your company is heading into 2023 planning for nail-biting performance reviews, consider this: In a survey by BambooHR of almost 2,000 small and medium-sized businesses, 73% of HR representatives spend 10 hours or less on performance reviews every six months.

4 tips to increase upskilling and career advancement

December 2, 2022
Job openings are still at an all-time high, but as we stare down a possible recession, managers will likely level off hiring as more businesses are using mass layoffs to cut costs. The LinkedIn Global Talent Trends October 2022 survey finds that opportunities for upskilling and career advancement are two of people’s top priorities right now, coming in only behind compensation, work-life balance and flexibility.

Managers will cite lack of attendance in performance reviews

November 11, 2022
According to a new study by business software firm Capterra, workers who do not return to the office will be penalized.

Build a resilient team

October 26, 2022
Depression, stress and anxiety, according to a global study, now account for 82.6% of all emotional health cases. But resilient employers view a difficulty as a challenge, not a paralyzing event.

Coach, don’t punish, if progress is possible

October 25, 2022
Progressive discipline, or a system of graduating threats, is a common strategy to address employee misbehavior or performance problems. “The whole process is doomed to fail,” writes Sue Bingham, founder of HWCP Group.

Advancing hourly workers

October 25, 2022
Hourly workers have long hovered on the bottom rung of the career ladder. But since the pandemic, they are more important than ever as companies struggle to attract and retain talent.