Upcoming Live Webinars

Keep Negativity From Infecting Your Workplace
 • Signs that your office may be infected with negativity.
• The hidden costs of a chronic negativity problem.
• Diagnosing what makes some people so negative.
• Employees from the dark side: Whiners, complainers, critics and pessimists.
• Active troublemakers: Tattletales, gossips, bullies and rabble-rousers.
• Effective weapons in the war against negativity.
• How you may actually be rewarding your employees’ negative behavior.
• 5-step behavioral coaching process that really makes an impact.
• How to re-engage resentful employees by flipping their “motivational switch.”
• Using the Team Turnaround process to “disinfect” an entire group.
• Termination: When removing the cause is the only cure.
• Recognizing systemic problems: Signs of a toxic workplace.
• Strategies for saving your sanity in a toxic organization.  ...Read More
W-4s: Your Guide to Accurate Withholding (Every Time)
 • What’s new about the W-4 process, electronic W-4s and how to quickly get into compliance.
• What parts of the form employees should complete if they have side gigs.
• What those W-4 worksheets are about and how they affect withholding. 
• How to explain these changes to employees.
• What to do if employees never update W-4s. 
• Life changes may mean employees must refile their W-4s.
• Are your withholding processes correct?
• How do you handle supplemental pay?  ...Read More
The I-9 and Immigration Compliance Workshop
 • The development of taskforces headed by Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) has led to a dramatic increase in enforcement activity.
• The latest enforcement trends, including how ICE auditors are conducting audits and what they're looking for.
• What can you do if you find you have missing or incomplete Forms I-9?
• How to revise your I-9 and E-Verify policies and procedures in light of new changes.
• What is the new “alternative procedure,” and how can you use it to improve your compliance efforts?  ...Read More
Legal Requirements of Job Descriptions
 • The 5 benefits of a good job description.
• The 4 federal laws that require accurate, up-to-date job descriptions, including the new Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.
• Which words create liability, and which words help you.
• 4 simple steps to create accurate and defensible job descriptions that match industry standards and local variations.
• How to define “essential functions” for ADA and FMLA purposes.
• Exempt or not? The right language to lock in an employee’s exempt FLSA classification. Hint: You don’t need to state which exemption you’re claiming, but you do need to know as you list duties for the job.
• Descriptive but functional language. Why job descriptions should use language that’s function-based and avoids coded words like “aggressive” and “fearless,” which can be seen as racist or sexist.
• Should they include disclaimers? Yes, and we’ll provide a sample you can include.
• Why the annual review should always include a reassessment of the job description. This is your chance to fix errors, evaluate changes and rest easy knowing your employee can’t trap you with surprise overtime, misclassification or other wage-and-hour complaints.
• Why you need employee input, review and buy-in. Nothing protects like an employee’s acknowledgement that their job description is accurate and complete.
• Resources for better descriptions. There are resources that help you create new positions or check that current positions are properly described.  ...Read More
The Employee Lifecycle: Driving Engagement from Day One and Beyond
 • Understand the employee lifecycle and the impact managers have throughout.
• Hear about the importance of a structured onboarding process with the necessary training and resources (and mentors/buddies) to ensure success from day one.
• Learn about igniting shared team values to aid retention.
• Create a culture of continuous learning and development to aid retention.
• Learn how to identify high-potential employees and nurture their growth through learning, development, and stay interviews.
• Dissect the drivers of employee retention to retain and grow your people.
• Discover the impact of “stay interviews” to show employees that you care and they have value.
• Identify innovative approaches to new hire onboarding that can help decrease time to productivity and increase your retention.  ...Read More