Upcoming Live Webinars

Legal Terminations: How to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Lawsuits
 • The best, fairest way for supervisors to document discipline and performance to support legal terminations.
• How to terminate nonperforming teleworkers, even if they’re working from home as a disability accommodation.
• The correct step-by-step protocol for termination meetings (where, when, with who and what to say). An impartial witness is key.
• How to use (and write) legal severance agreements to avoid lawsuits now that federal agencies limit what you can include.
• The specific steps in terminating remote workers — it's different for these employees.
• Correcting termination mistakes — correctly and quickly to avoid or reduce liability.
• How to comply with WARN and mini-WARN laws when laying off employees.
• When and how to contest unemployment benefits — and when to skip this step for strategic reasons.
• When to call in back-up and why you need an emergency plan.
• When to leave the door open for rehiring and when not to.
• Comprehensive advice on creating airtight termination policies and procedures.  ...Read More
Artificial Intelligence: Avoiding Inherent Discrimination Risks
 • Why EEOC guidance means employers may be responsible for any discriminatory bias — even unintended and hidden — in the AI software they use.
• How the White House AI Bill of Rights protects against discrimination and data privacy, and why you need to comply.
• Learn how employers can legally deploy AI in hiring, promotion, and evaluation legally.
• How to implement best practices regarding AI, including regular bias audits.
• How the New York City rule that calls for a bias audit within one year of use of an AI tool affects your company.
• Why legislative efforts, such as a bill introduced in the Senate, could factor into your decisions to use AI.
• Lessons from the first EEOC AI settlement.  ...Read More
Advanced Interviewing Tactics
 • Learn how to navigate the Analyze candidate résumés assessing the professional look and feel, job gaps, short job stints, and other vital factors.
• Use insightful questioning to ask behavioral questions, go off script, and get answers to that missing 10% of information candidates don’t share.
• Participate in engaged listening, including tactics such as paraphrasing and allowing moments of silence to make the candidate feel heard.
• How to use the job description as your ADA guide: what are the job’s “essential job functions”?
• Why confirming résumé data is crucial, and the key areas to corroborate.   ...Read More
Step Up and Stop Under-Managing
 • Spot the signs that you are under-managing employees and how this impacts the team.
• Assess where you may have conflict avoidance and how you can address it to calmly resolve issues.
• Address goal setting to ensure team members are aligned and collaborating.
• Learn ways to navigate competing priorities so you and your team are focused on the right things.
• How to flawlessly discuss employee goals and aspirations and then delegate accordingly.
• How your engagement and satisfaction impacts those around you and those you lead. Plus, discover ways to recharge.  ...Read More
Workplace Detox: Strategies for Managing Malcontents and Toxic Employees
 • Identify the types of toxic employees.
• Review hiring policies for early diagnosis.
• How to listen, act, and set limits.
• Manage performance.
• Train managers on deadline with this behavior.
• Support or change management.
• Document the behavior.
• Develop an exit strategy.  ...Read More