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How do you know if your team members are happy?

September 23, 2022
Studies suggest that happy people are more productive and successful, and less likely to leave their jobs. Employees also tend to be happier when they are growing and learning.

Forcing sick employees back to work

September 23, 2022
Does anyone think it’s a good idea for employees to do anything other than isolate for the required amount of time if they are sick with a highly contagious airborne virus?

Give the people what they want

September 23, 2022
Every workplace offers a few employee amenities. They vary depending on space and staff size, and are certainly subjective. But there are some bedrock items that must be attended to before there’s any massage chairs or snow cone machines on the scene.

Planning begins with people metrics

September 23, 2022
What gets measured gets managed, and your people operations are no exception. It’s amazing to think that business owners often progress in their careers without knowing some of the key people metrics that drive their organizations’ talent pipelines. These metrics are fairly easy to develop and can be very telling in terms of pinpointing your future leadership strategies.

The 3 non-negotiable attributes all employees want from their workplace

September 23, 2022
Attracting and retaining talent has never been more challenging. As quickly as managers bring new hires through the front door, disillusioned employees are slinking out the back. Here are three attributes all employees want.

DEI training doesn’t have to break the bank

September 22, 2022
In many cases, smaller companies can create their own instructions in their employee handbooks or group sessions.

Stop X#$&! forcing fun in the office

September 20, 2022
If you’re considering dragging that cornhole game to the office courtyard, think again. Apparently, no one back in the office (the people left there, at least) wants “forced fun” anymore.

Don’t get carried away with ‘cultural fit’

September 16, 2022
Are you among the managers who still try to judge the “cultural fit” of a potential new hire? While building a staff that works well together is a positive goal, concentrating on this hard-to-define concept may yield undesirable results.

Find a problem and fix it

September 9, 2022
You may not think you need to find problems, but the sooner you can identify and address obstacles to performance, the better off you’ll be.

How to get through a day you dread

August 26, 2022
Once in a while, you have a gauntlet day: a day that you dread upon waking. You dread it because there are obligations stacked up like towering blocks. Here are some tips to help you soldier through.