The Employment Law Quiz: 10 Questions to Test Your HR Smarts

by Pat DiDomenico on February 5, 2016

Sitting back and hoping the spinning wheel of lawsuits doesn’t land on your company is not a good compliance strategy. Like it or not, keeping up with employment law is a big part of your job if you’re in HR.

That’s why Business Management Daily and The HR Specialist host an annual three-day LEAP conference (the Labor and Employment Law Advanced Practices Symposium). This year it’s at Bellagio in Las Vegas, March 16-18 … yes, during St. Patrick’s Day and the first week of March Madness!

How well do you know HR law? To see if you need to take your employment law knowledge up a notch, run through the Soapbox Employment Law Quiz. (You’ll find the answers at the end.)

  1. RECORDS MANAGEMENT   This key document is set to expire on March 31, and the feds have just proposed a new “smart” online version of it. Which is it?

a. Form I-9
b. COBRA notice
c. FMLA model forms
  2. LAWSUITS   Over the past 15 years, what type of employment lawsuits have increased by more than 450% in federal courts?

a. Age discrimination
b. Wage-and-hour
c. Wrongful termination

3. DISCRIMINATION   What did the EEOC’s general counsel say (at LEAP 2015) is the fastest growing type of workplace discrimination over the past decade?

a. Pregnancy
b. Disability
c. Religion

Leave your lawsuit fears behind!
The LEAP conference is the ultimate—and most fun—way for HR professionals to learn how to comply with latest employment law changes. And we’ve designed LEAP 2016 to give you more access to our experts than ever before! Learn more


  4. HEALTH CARE   The Affordable Care Act requires certain employers to deliver to employees proof of their health insurance offer. What new form must you use?

a. 1095-B
b. W-2
c. 1095-C

Note: On the first morning of LEAP (March 16), attend a special half-day ACA Town Hall to learn specific answers about your ACA employer responsibilities.

  5. OVERTIME LAW   What’s the new salary level proposed by the U.S. Department of Labor above which “highly compensated” employees would not be eligible for overtime pay?

a. $50,440
b. $100,000
c. $122,000
  6. WHY EMPLOYEES SUE   According to Randy Freking, a noted plaintiff’s attorney and keynote speaker at LEAP 2016, what is the reason that “90% of people come to our office” to file lawsuits against their ex-employers?

a. “The way they were misclassified.”
b. “The way their managers mistreated them.”
c. “The way they were treated on the way out the door.”
Note: At LEAP 2016, go Inside the Mind of a Plaintiff’s Attorney, as Freking explains the top actions (and inactions) that cause employees lawsuits.

  7. WORKER CLASSIFICATION   The U.S. Department of Labor has recently issued regulations and guidance for employers on which topics?
a. Independent contractors
b. Joint employers
c. Internships

Get unbelievable access to the best employment lawyers in the country. At LEAP 2016, the sessions are led by more than 30 of the top employment lawyers in the United States. Plus, small-group breakout sessions, interactive topic-based roundtables and “Lunch with the Lawyers” are just a few of the ways you’ll get every compliance question answered from those experts.


  8. STATE EMPLOYMENT LAWS   If a state has an employment law that’s different from federal law, employers should comply only with the state law.
a. True
b. False


  9. EMPLOYEE LEAVE   In 2014, just over a quarter of employees (28%) admitted in a CareerBuilder survey to calling off sick that year when they felt perfectly healthy. How did that number change in 2015?

a. Increased to 38%
b. Decreased to 23%
c. Stayed the same

  10. BIZARRE CASES   An energy company recently was ordered to pay an ex-employee more than $500,000 because it failed to accommodate his request to not use the biometric hand-scanning clock-in device. The employee refused because he said the scanner:

a. Damaged his ability to conceive a child
b. Was associated with the Satanic “mark of the beast” mentioned in the Bible
c. Was secretly sending his fingerprints to an FBI database in Washington
Note: At LEAP 2016, you’ll hear our annual rollicking wrap-up of The Most Bizarre Employment Law Cases of 2015.

So, how did you score? If you didn’t ace the quiz, never fear. At LEAP next month, come join hundreds of your HR peers and 30 of the top employment lawyers in the country and you’ll get answers to all your HR questions.

See you in Vegas!

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