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Phone: (800) 543-2055; M-F 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET
Fax: (703) 905-8040
Mail: Customer Service Center P.O. Box 9070 McLean, VA 22102-0070
Web: Click here for address changes, password control, or renewals.
Multi-copy Sales: Our products are all available at a deep discount if you wish to purchase them for multiple members of your organization. This convenience is available in two forms:
  • Print – receive multiple print copies of books or newsletters to a single address.
  • Electronic – receive our products in pdf format or create multiple user accounts to access the paid sections of our Web site.
For further information, please contact Adam Goldstein at (703) 905-8000 or In addition to the convenience and savings of multi-copy orders, please note that distribution of our products by photocopying or any other means is illegal. We strongly enforce our copyright. For reproduction rights; please see below.
Editorial Reprint Rights: We are flattered that you like our content. If you wish to reproduce it in any way, please contact Copyright Clearance Center.  
Phone: (800) 772-3350
Fax: (978) 646-8600
Mail: Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. 222 Rosewood Drive Danvers, MA 01923

Marketing Opportunities: We are interested in discussing any sort of partnership to help build your business. Opportunities may include, but are certainly not limited to:
  • Web advertising – place your ad here or at
  • Print advertising – insert your promotion with our monthly newsletter mailings.
  • Custom publishing – build your business by providing your customers and prospects with a newsletter containing our content and your brand.
  • Mailing list rental – postal addresses only. We do not rent our subscribers’ email addresses or telephone numbers.
For further information, please contact our Associate Publisher, Adam Goldstein, at or (703) 905-8000.

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