Kevin Eikenberry

The Meaning of the Word

January 8, 2015

I love words. They are at the foundation of our ability to communicate, and they are a significant part of my life, both spoken and as a writer. As a leadership consultant, trainer and coach, I spend much of my time trying to understand the words of others and use words effectively to help them see my perspective. Words are just as important in my role as a leader — and I would say the same is true for you. Given that, let me share an observation I’ve had about a specific word, and how instructive it might be (both specifically to this word and more broadly as a communicator) for you.

On Silos and Accountability

November 19, 2014

I was at my farm recently, and I was looking at the silo you see a picture of here. Erected in 1979, it was the “Cadillac” of structures of its type. Today, the entire silo business is nonexistent. The change is a story largely of the modern dairy (and to a lesser degree hog) farm. As the farms get larger and the organizations more complex, the silo can’t play a role. As big as they are (this one, 20 feet across and 60 feet tall), they just aren’t large enough. The silo business in agriculture is all but over. In the rest of the world, however, silos are alive and well in organizations everywhere. You know what I mean. There is the sales silo, the marketing silo, the manufacturing silo, the IT silo. There is also the first shift silo, the second shift silo and much more. Do I need to go on? What can we take from this situation — “real” silos losing favor, but organizational ones alive and well? Let’s see what we can see.

Questions are Like Diamonds

October 9, 2014
Questions are like diamonds — they are extremely valuable and can be used in many different ways. While we mostly think of diamonds in jewelry, most people think of questions as a way to gain understanding or solve problems. But like diamonds, which have many industrial and other non-jewelry uses, questions have many other uses too. I want to use the remainder of the space I have here to talk about some uses we haven’t discussed much yet this month.

What’s Behind the Question?

August 21, 2014
I’ve long felt and taught that one of the best ways to learn better questioning skills was to watch great interviewers. In the past, I’ve often suggested Charlie Rose and Barbara Walters. Now Barbara’s mostly retired and Charlie’s gig has changed. Does that mean my advice has changed? Yes, a bit.

Creating True Team Alignment

July 31, 2014

Last week in this space, I wrote about the importance of seeing opportunity in your team and what you can do to help your team see opportunities as well. I ended by telling you that the way to create that opportunity view was by creating a definiteness of purpose across all members of your team. Then I promised I would say more about how to create that is week. If I could give you just one suggestion it would be to: Discuss organizational whys.


July 24, 2014

Do you see “opportunity is nowhere?” Or do you see “opportunity is now here?” The letters are the same so both of them are “there” — and it depends on what you see as to what actions you might take next. You have the same situation as you survey your team today. What do you see? Do you see opportunity every way you look, or is there no opportunity in sight?

Goals Aren’t Enough

June 26, 2014

If you have read a lot of my posts here or on my other blog, you have seen me write about the fact that too much emphasis can be placed on goal setting. Not because setting goals isn’t important, but because too many people exert effort to set goals, then feel like the job is done. This is like going to the starting line of a race, crouching down in the blocks and getting ready to run, but feeling like you don’t need to run the race because your work is already done.

Helping People Become More Creative

June 12, 2014
One of the commonalities among all highly creative people is that they believe they are creative. The belief itself, along with strategies, techniques, structures and purpose, allow our innate creativity to blossom.

5 Thoughts on Persuasion

May 29, 2014

I’m taking a different approach this week. When I start teleseminars (like the ones at, I often begin with quotations from others to give greater perspective. I’ve decided to take that approach here on persuasion, following up my last post. I’ll share the quotation and then share the relevance to us as leaders.

Persuading the Person Who Won’t Budge

May 15, 2014

I thought today I would give a short answer to a question I get asked regularly. It gets asked in a variety of forms, but it all comes down to something like this … I have a person on my team that won’t budge. They don’t seem to care — about anything — how do I persuade or influence them? Here are some thoughts in the form of an answer to this common question.