Stephanie Taylor Christensen

Make 2022 the best work year yet, for you and your team

November 23, 2021
As you and your team form your action plans for 2022, use these expert tips from best-selling author, speaker and organizational consultant Simon Sinek to embrace the fact that you can and will come out of the hard times of the last year to be even better by the end of 2022.

Want to be an effective manager in 2021? Refine these skills

June 24, 2021
The working world has been forever changed since teams and workplaces were forced to reconsider how to collaborate, hold meetings, conduct events and interact with external clients and internal partners. Here are the skills you need to master in 2021 to stay on top of your management game.

Finally taking a vacation? Get the most out of it

May 28, 2021
Whether you’ve already planned your summer vacation or are toying with the idea of how you could spend it, keep these tips in mind to get the most out of time away from work.

Positive vibrations: How to boost employee morale as challenging times continue

April 23, 2021
As uncertainty about what the “next normal” will look like continues, the events of the past year have had an impact on employee morale. Here are some ways managers can proactively address employee morale issues, to help give employees the mental boost they need to remain engaged, productive and positive.

We have to stop meeting like this

March 26, 2021
3 ways to stop wasting time on Zoom and in the conference room.

Develop habits that will serve you well in 2021

January 22, 2021
Whether you’ve kicked off the new year with a set of small resolutions, let yourself take 2021 a little less seriously coming off the challenges 2020 presented, or are simply trying to reach one big goal by year end, focusing on your habits can transform how you make decisions and spend your time, energy and attention.

Stress busters: Transform work-related pressure into positive action

November 25, 2020
You can’t change the uncertain reality you and your employees are facing now, but you can choose how to let the resulting stress affect your life, personally and professionally. Here are some ways you and your employees can improve your emotional intelligence and learn to channel negative feelings into a healthier form of energy.

4 tips to help you put your best face forward on video conference calls

October 23, 2020
Whether your entire workforce remains a virtual operation, or you’re simply communicating with clients and industry colleagues on video more often than usual, you may have found yourself relying on a method of communication that was largely unfamiliar to you before the pandemic. Use these tips to make sure you’re putting your best face forward on every video call.

Lean on your team for decision-making

September 25, 2020
Making decisions is a natural part of being a manager, but you don’t have to go it alone. In fact, learning how to collaborate with your team for decision-making can improve group dynamics, reduce stress and uncertainty and make your staff feel like their voice truly matters.

4 questions and phrases to use regularly with your employees

August 28, 2020
Here are four questions and phrases all managers should include in employee conversations to deepen your relationships.