Ask the Workplace Coach

Who’s your active supervisor when you’re away?

January 22, 2014

Q: “I have frequently been told that one of my employees extends her lunch hour whenever I am out of the office. If I question her, she acts insulted and says that the timecard is correct. Her co-workers are starting to become resentful, but since I’m not here to witness these absences, I don’t know how to solve the problem.” Stumped Supervisor

Staff unhappy with you? Get into the mix

January 16, 2014

Q: “Some members of my staff have told me that people think I’m mean. One of them accused me of never even having a direct conversation with her. Another one said that employees gossip about me every day. I believe that instead of listening to rumors and hearsay, these people should develop their own opinions about me. What do you think?” Puzzled Manager

Make sure the boss knows the transfer isn’t personal

January 8, 2014

Q: “Training is the big thing in our organization this year, and I want to be a part of it. The director of training has encouraged me to transfer, but my boss, who is the head of operations, does not like the idea. I am the operations manager for our largest office, so he doesn’t want to lose me. My boss can’t block this move, but I don’t want to leave with hard feelings. What should I do?” Ready for a Change

Office etiquette: Showing concern for a co-worker’s ill spouse

June 16, 2010
Question: “My husband had cancer surgery six weeks ago, and I have been on leave from work to take care of him. Although there are 30 people in my office, only three have contacted me to see how we’re doing. I’ve always had a good relationship with my co-workers, so I’m extremely hurt and disappointed by this treatment. I can’t seem to get beyond these feelings. When I return to work, I know people will ask about my husband. Since they weren’t there when I needed support, I have no desire to discuss his health with them. How should I handle their questions?” — Angry Wife