Ask “Z”

When an employee needs a reset–but not at your company

January 17, 2014
Q: I have an employee who has been a star in the past but just hasn’t been delivering for the last few years. It’s time for him to go. How do I approach this conversation? I expect there’ll be a demand for an explanation.

Make your team look good–or bow out

January 10, 2014
Q. I’m on a cross-functional team, where I keep coming up with great suggestions. I’m tired of team members who take credit for my best ideas. How can I get the credit I deserve?

When to open the wallet

January 10, 2014
Q: “You have to spend money to make money” is still a phrase that I hear almost every day. Cutting through the cliché, does it really hold up to scrutiny?

Going over the top won’t paint the picture you want

January 3, 2014
Q: I sometimes think that it’s going to be take being truly demonstrative to motivate my staff—becoming fiery when things are tough and getting just as loud when celebrating our achievements. Is this sort of boisterousness worth what it might do to my image as a leader?