Coaching & Motivating

Communicate now to finish Q4 strong

August 22, 2018
With just four months left in 2018, now is a great time to inspire and motivate your team to finish on a strong note. There’s no better way to do that than with strong year-end communication. Use these tactics.

4 fun ways to boost morale

August 22, 2018
Use these ideas to boost morale among your team members.

Avoiding the quiet trap of ‘appreciation depletion’

August 3, 2018
When we watch a puppy push its head forward eagerly at the promise of being scratched by a caring hand, guess what? We’re watching ourselves. Walking around in a $400 suit doesn’t make us want that gentle head scratch any less.

Trust employees to take charge

July 12, 2018
In 1968, William Cecil wanted to upgrade the North Carolina estate that he inherited from his grandfather. Cecil chose the Biltmore’s head carpenter, Wexler Ogle Plemmons, for the coveted job. Then he challenged him to think big.

Prevent learning decay at work

June 27, 2018
You invest a good bit of time and money on learning and development opportunities for employees at work. Make sure that the training sticks by following these rules.

Entrepreneurial spirit: How managers can inspire their youngest employees to think like leaders

June 22, 2018
Here are some simple ways you can inspire employees to embrace their roles and think more like leaders regardless of their level of experience or responsibilities.

You need a new relationship with your employees

June 22, 2018
The old attitudes will not work anymore, writes author Steven L. Blue. Rather than exploit, today’s leaders need to capitalize on and nurture the human spirit.

Turn up critical thinking skills

May 23, 2018
Use these tips to boost employees’ ability to think critically, for the times you’re not around.

Increase employee accountability

May 23, 2018
You may want to be the anti-micromanager, but that doesn’t mean you can avoid holding employees accountable. Here are some rules you must follow.

Avoid a summer slump this year

May 21, 2018
The summer slump doesn’t have to be inevitable. Your team can remain productive all summer long, if you follow this advice.