Coaching & Motivating

Address employees’ fear of change

September 10, 2020
If your employees are at best ambivalent about implementing an imminent change (a new product, service, procedure, etc.), dealing with their fears straightforwardly can be the best tactic. Follow these three steps to help them help themselves—and you.

Help your employees battle pandemic stress

August 14, 2020
Juggling personal and professional obligations has never been an easy task. The demands inflicted over the past few months due to the pandemic, however, have caused unprecedented challenges to this balancing act—especially for workers with kids.

Coach underperforming employees in 5 steps

August 14, 2020
Shape up or ship out isn’t an effective strategy for coaching employees whose performance doesn’t meet requirements. You’ve got to be open-minded but clear about the consequences of continued noncompliance. Take a deep breath and follow this step-by-step approach.

Restart a stalled employee

July 24, 2020
When an employee says, “I can’t do my assignment,” you’re likely to be upset. That’s a legitimate reaction, but don’t let it hinder getting the job done and restoring the employee’s motivation. Ask these four questions.

Share your priorities with your employees

July 22, 2020
Building a workforce of focused, efficient employees is obviously to your benefit. It doesn’t happen overnight, though. Employees can work better (and get ahead) by understanding your needs and preferences.

Insubordination? Hear the explanation

July 22, 2020
You can’t tolerate an employee who sabotages your authority with insubordination or disobedience. Just don’t act too rashly.

Why you might be having trouble

July 9, 2020
Leaders have trouble motivating employees because they don’t directly ask them about what they want, says leadership consultant Paul Cherry. Learn to recognize and avoid these self-defeating arguments.

Easy, no-cost ways to lift morale

June 24, 2020
These morale boosters cost no money and no extra time, but they do rely on your attitude and management style.

How to handle an extrovert

June 12, 2020
Extroverted employees are friendly and outgoing, like to talk to co-workers and customers, and are often good communicators. But when their jobs get tough or they feel down, they also need to talk, and they probably come to you. Accept this as the natural order of things, and make it positive and productive for both them and yourself.

Motivate low-wage workers

May 8, 2020
It’s probably safe to say that few people are passionate about jobs paying under 8 bucks an hour. But that doesn’t mean you can’t inspire minimum-wage workers to do their best at what they do. Here are some suggestions.