Coaching & Motivating

Bridge deep divides with mutual respect

October 1, 2009
Many teams operate in name only. The participants dislike one another or lack trust. They may excel in their individual jobs, but as a group they may place self-interest ahead of collaboration.

Show a little warmth to tighten personal bonds

October 1, 2009
The traditional approach to motivating employees is to offer rewards if they work harder. Yet many workers won’t pay attention to incentives. What do they want?

Prepare for every scenario

October 1, 2009
If you want to lift everyone’s performance, get your staffers to think like sophisticated strategists. Talk together about what the future may hold–and how your organization can prepare.

Lead with a clear message

October 1, 2009
To encourage his employees to think creatively, James Stern didn’t bring in high-priced consultants or invest in expensive retreats. Instead, he stated a simple goal that everyone could understand.

9 strategies for unleashing employees’ creativity

September 1, 2009
True or false: Employees are either creative or they’re not—creativity isn’t a skill you can teach. False. Managers can play a key role in creating an environment in which employees will want to look for new ideas. Share this article with your supervisors to help tap employee creativity.

Boost group morale when people work in close quarters

September 1, 2009
Motivating employees is hard enough when everyone has their own cushy office. But it’s even tougher when people are jammed together like sardines in a claustrophobic environment. Nerves can fray and tempers can flare.

Let employees find the answer

September 1, 2009
You’re a technical whiz. But one of the reasons you’ve climbed into the managerial ranks is not your advanced know-how—it’s your ability to lead people.

Lift low-wage staffers to perform at higher level

August 1, 2009
You employ lots of people earning low wages. They face demanding jobs and limited opportunities for advancement. So what’s to motivate them?

Wash away a negative attitude

August 1, 2009
When managing a team with a negative attitude, hopelessness and futility often set in. You lose patience as people find fault with their teammates, their organization and pretty much everything else. To overhaul a team’s negativity, encourage each member to engage in a bit of self-reflection.

Use expansive language to learn more

June 1, 2009
If you’re trying to unleash your team’s creativity, broaden its perspective. Create a world of possibility and debate divergent views with openness.