Coaching & Motivating

Training your team’s trainers

July 1, 2004
Chances are your new hires get at least some on-the-job training from experienced, high-performing team members. Those same veterans are also often the employees who are chosen to attend advanced training programs, and then asked to share their new knowledge with their colleagues. But are they good trainers?

Caring for a newborn team

May 1, 2004
A new project gets started, a new division is created, new staff come on board—and voila! A team is born. As with newborn babies, the first weeks of these new teams’ lives can be critical for future success.

Leading Teams: Improving your innovation

April 1, 2004
“The ability to think and act on your feet. The talent to respond to changing circumstances. The facility to change circumstances to fit needs. Superior idea generation and brainstorming skills. Speed and flexibility in crisis management. Spontaneity … ” Does this sound like a recipe for your team’s success?

Give IT pros wide berth

August 1, 2001
The motivational tools you use with most workers, such as handing out baseball caps with the company’s logo, won’t work with most info technology (IT) people.

Motivate workers by caring

June 1, 2001
By investing perhaps five minutes a day in getting to know a particular employee and showing sincere interest, you motivate in powerful ways. Take these steps to show you care.

Take care of your career climbers

August 1, 1998
Managing ambitious staffers has its pros and cons. While they often bring talent and drive to the job, their arrogance and hunger for advancement may prove obnoxious. Here are smarter ways to motivate rising stars.

How can I fix an inconsistent worker?

June 1, 1998
Q. I have an employee who’s sometimes dependable, and sometimes not. It’s a real problem. When I give instructions, I’m never sure if they’ll be followed. And it’s feast or famine—either he does a fantastic job (often being incredibly responsive and going beyond the call of duty) or he just drops the ball and nothing gets done. I hate to nag, but I seem to be put in that position. What should I do?