Coaching & Motivating

Avoid martyrs—and avoiding becoming one

November 10, 2021
Do you work with a martyr-leader? Or do you suspect that you might be one? Let’s examine the criteria.

5 tips to help employees combat burnout

September 23, 2021
It’s hard to hold on to employees these days. Workers are leaving jobs at near record rates. One of the most frequently cited reasons for quitting is burnout or stress. To retain your current employees, find ways to reduce the degree to which burnout drives dissatisfaction. These five tips can help.

How to coach a salesperson

August 16, 2021
The modern-day business of sales (for the most part) no longer features the drudgery and limitations experienced by the salespeople of lore—young Willy Loman, the Avon Lady, etc.—but that same self-starting, independent, highly motivated attitude is still very much in play.

The world is different—time to adapt!

July 9, 2021
How to help employees accept change when change is so constant.

A terrible year, a stalled career

July 9, 2021
Half of all working Americans say their career development stalled or even regressed during the pandemic. Here are three ways that managers can be intentional about providing the training and support their employees need.

Motivation, that most slippery of beasts

June 9, 2021
“Here’s the dirty little secret about motivation you need to know,” writes Alain Hunkins in Cracking the Leadership Code: Three Secrets to Building Strong Leaders. “You can’t really motivate anyone else.”

Humdrum job? Show the value

May 28, 2021
Face it: Not every job is exciting. Most tasks can be repetitive and lull your employees into complacency. Here are a few suggestions for keeping spirits high in what a worker may call a monotonous job.

Motivate with clear instructions

May 27, 2021
Your employees are ready to take on the tasks you assign, but they’ll do them better and more willingly if they’re confident in the instructions you give. One trick is to think about how instructions that seem clear to you might be misunderstood by your crew. Unfortunately, that can happen more easily than you think. Here are a few examples.

Nurture a budding star

May 14, 2021
If you’re lucky enough to have a talented worker on your team who seems destined for the top, your job is to support him or her as well as you can. Here’s what to do.

Worker coached? Be involved

May 14, 2021
When an employee gets coaching from an outsider, another manager, or even a co-worker, you may feel uncertain in your management role. Remember that you have two responsibilities: (1) ensuring that the coaching relationship is productive, and (2) respecting its confidentiality. Use these guidelines for your involvement.