Coaching & Motivating

When employees lose their drive

May 12, 2021
Most employees start out full of enthusiasm, but some lose their motivation along the way. Here are some common causes of lost motivation—and what you can do about them.

Spark creativity in your organization

May 12, 2021
You need all your employees thinking creatively, looking for innovative opportunities, and seeking new solutions to recurring problems. Everyone has the capacity to be creative—your job is to bring it out. Here are some tactics for inspiring your team’s imagination.

Steady the ship when employees lose their balance: 3 tips

May 12, 2021
Employee disengagement or burnout isn’t always apparent, and some employers may be in for a surprise if and when the COVID-19 pandemic winds down. Leaders need to learn how to recognize when the people around them—peers, colleagues, but especially subordinates—are out of balance or are heading in the wrong direction.

Positive vibrations: How to boost employee morale as challenging times continue

April 23, 2021
As uncertainty about what the “next normal” will look like continues, the events of the past year have had an impact on employee morale. Here are some ways managers can proactively address employee morale issues, to help give employees the mental boost they need to remain engaged, productive and positive.

Keep yourself motivated too

April 23, 2021
You know the importance of motivating your employees and you’re taking steps to follow through. But what about the motivation you need?

Here, there, everywhere: Foster harmony and productivity with a hybrid workforce

April 22, 2021
Flexible, hybrid arrangements allow for better safety precautions and relieve some of the chaos experienced by working parents with children e-learning at home. For managers, however, the set-up can prove a major headache. How can leaders improve the harmony of a hybrid workforce and perhaps save their own sanity?

How to deal with layoff survivors

April 9, 2021
Layoffs may be necessary to save money, but remember—they usually have unintended bad effects as well. You can help workers shake off the trauma of seeing their co-workers disappear with these suggestions.

New hire? Build confidence early

March 24, 2021
Imagine you have some new hires right out of college who have been on the job for a little while and are feeling their way into their assignments. They’re doing well at some things and not so well at others. What is the best way to motivate them?

Skip old-school method with newbies

March 24, 2021
Connecting with your youngest employees may just mean that you have to let go of some of your old-school management tendencies. Here are critical rules for managing Millennials and Generation Z employees.

Support your ‘go-to’ workers

March 12, 2021
If your group’s been downsized, the remaining employees carry a greater load—and one group in particular may suffer. Let’s call them your “lead employees”: the experienced, reliable workers who are now called upon to do more work. Here’s how you can help them.