Inspire new hires with a creative welcome

September 27, 2017
Make your newest employees feel at home in your organization with these tips.

The power of workplace transparency

September 9, 2017

Everyone knew that the company was in trouble. The signs were all there. But company president John Green played his cards close to his vest and refused to talk with employees about the company’s financial challenges. He was afraid that by divulging bad news, he would cause a mass exodus. As a result of the lack of communication, the rumor mill ran rampant.

Ouch! The harshest presentation scorecard ever

August 15, 2017
Steel yourself—we want you to put your upcoming talk through this aggressive 12-point test. Our goal is to poke, nitpick and annoy until you have all your bases covered and can come off like an awesome leader, not a text reader.Let the tough love begin!

Communicate in an open office

July 26, 2017
As a manager, how do you address performance issues when everyone can listen in? How do you have work-related conversations other people shouldn’t hear?

Proclaim the what, not the how

July 13, 2017
Clarity and leadership go together. Communicate clear directions and give your team the leeway to find ways to advance toward the goal.

The art of the employee one-on-one

June 21, 2017
Employee one-on-ones are critical meetings leaders can leverage to understand employee interests, strengths and weaknesses; to build a sense of mutual trust and respect; and provide the support employees need. But like most meetings, there are some basic guidelines you and your employees should know and adhere to.

What to do if your audience tunes you out

June 20, 2017
Realizing that an audience has begun to tune you out can be unsettling when making a presentation, but it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. In fact, realizing that your audience’s attention has waned presents a valuable opportunity to reconnect and ensure that your presentation resonates. Here’s how.

Avoid HiPPO problem at work

June 18, 2017
Are wild hippos evading the workplace? No, but HiPPO—accepting the “highest paid person’s opinion” as the most valuable—certainly is an issue.

Do’s and don’ts of breaking bad news

June 16, 2017
Whether it’s a customer, employee, co-worker or boss, someday you will need to share some not-so-ideal news. Here’s how to do it.

Must-have talks with new hires

June 16, 2017
Forget the idle chitchat, hours of paperwork and orientation video, and make new hires’ first day on the job count. Take time to do the following on Day 1.