Best holiday gift for employees could be a simple ‘thank you’

November 28, 2017

A little appreciation can go a long way with employees. This holiday season, remind supervisors to stuff their employees’ stockings with a simple “thank you” for a year of loyal service.

Reasons to announce change early

November 13, 2017

While you may want to wait as long as possible before you break bad news to your team, you’ll reduce resistance and increase support for the change if you announce it early.

Get better at communicating

November 10, 2017

Your job is tell your employees what to do. Right? No, of course that’s wrong. Your job is to communicate with your employees to bring the best out of them. It’s about being positive, not bossy. Here’s how.

Prepare for difficult conversations

October 25, 2017
Conducting difficult conversations is never fun. However, leadership expert Kevin Eikenberry says you can make them less unbearable—and ensure a better outcome—if you ask yourself these questions beforehand.

Any ideas on how to boost participation at brainstorming sessions?

October 13, 2017
Q. Every time we hold brainstorming meetings to generate fresh ideas or to solve problems, we get the same people contributing. Any thoughts on how I can spur more employees to participate?

Ensure people respond to emails

September 27, 2017
No doubt it’s frustrating when people won’t return your emails. Follow these tips to garner a response without damaging the work relationship.

A better way to share ideas

September 27, 2017
You could have the best idea in the world, but if you botch your presentation of it, no one will care. Follow these tips to state your case well.

10 speaking habits that will undermine you

September 27, 2017
Most of us have at least one communication habit that is distracting to our listeners. Here are the top 10 distracting speaking behaviors and what those quirks are communicating to your listeners.

Inspire new hires with a creative welcome

September 27, 2017
Make your newest employees feel at home in your organization with these tips.

The power of workplace transparency

September 9, 2017

Everyone knew that the company was in trouble. The signs were all there. But company president John Green played his cards close to his vest and refused to talk with employees about the company’s financial challenges. He was afraid that by divulging bad news, he would cause a mass exodus. As a result of the lack of communication, the rumor mill ran rampant.