Jump into your sentences for better communication

December 22, 2014
Once in a while, try to become hyperaware of the times you sprinkle your speech with ‘so,’ ‘um,’ ‘like,’ ‘I mean,’ ‘well’ and other placeholders.

What is the four email rule?

December 4, 2014
If any correspondence requires more than four emails, pick up the phone or take a walk down the hall to talk in person.

Cut your presentation down to size and discover its real possibilities

December 3, 2014
Go back through that presentation you just finished and re-approach it as if someone just told you, “This is twice as long as it’s allowed to be!”

Know when to say nothing

December 1, 2014
In many situations, silence can be your most effective communication tool. You’ll learn more and work better with others if you say nothing at these times.

Bank stops chitchat in Span­ish, pays $295k

November 25, 2014
A Minneapolis Wells Fargo employee, who is His­panic, complained to the bank’s human resources department that her supervisor told her not to speak Span­ish during her non-duty time, according to a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Com­mis­sion.

Don’t let a meeting go without feedback

November 18, 2014

We’ve all been in meetings that wasted our time. And we’ve said so—after the meeting, when it was too late. Here’s how to get that feedback on your own meetings when you need it.

Communication takedown

October 28, 2014
The business world you work in today may be very different than the environment in which you began your management career. Here are ways to ensure you’re still following the etiquette norms all professionals should know.

Employee too chummy?

October 2, 2014

Overfriendly staff members can pose a real dilemma for managers. How can you keep a professional distance and avoid the appearance of favoritism, yet still make sure you don’t alienate the employee? Here are tips that can help.

7 great meeting icebreaker tips

September 22, 2014
Getting meeting participants comfortable with one another and ready to work can be a big challenge, particularly when individuals don’t know each other or have worked together only once or twice. Here are icebreaker tips to move past that awkward stage and get things rolling.

Rumors rampant? You can control it

September 12, 2014
Just because there is nothing you can do to completely eliminate gossip from your workplace doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do a thing about it.