Summon applications via good writing

May 13, 2022
Recommendations for crafting job descriptions that attract good talent.

Don’t turn off that Zoom cam!

May 11, 2022
Employees should think twice before switching off their webcams during those seemingly endless Zoom meetings. According to a new study by software company Vyopta, 92% of executives in medium-to-large firms say people who turn their video cameras off in team meetings won’t last long.

Key phrases for rewarding teams

April 8, 2022
A team rewards system can be tricky, even a political landmine if your words aren’t chosen very carefully. Try these guidelines and corresponding sample phrases come from Linda Eve Diamond’s book, Perfect Phrases for Building Strong Teams.

‘What’s our dumbest rule here?’

April 8, 2022
Wouldn’t you have loved for every boss you ever had to ask you that question, just once, so you could raise an issue you might otherwise never have? More than half of employees said that in their last three months on the job before they quit, no one talked to them about how they were feeling in their role, according to a new Gallup survey.

Beware 4 negotiation squeezes

March 25, 2022
When entering negotiations, you have faith you’ll be talked to honestly. But you do have to go in prepared for underhanded tactics. Here are a few of the tackiest old-school ploys negotiators may present.

Are you a good boss… who still lies?

November 24, 2021
“I won’t call you on your day off.” Have you ever fed an employee this line? And did it, at some point, prove to be a bit of a lie? Writer Jason Notte identifies some more frequently-heard managerial fibs for Cheapism. Here are a few to watch yourself for.

8 tips for choosing your battles

November 3, 2021
If there’s any given in life, it’s that there are always battles. There’s realistically nothing you can do about that. But that doesn’t mean you have no control.

There’s no excuse to put off conducting ‘stay interviews’

October 19, 2021
Stay interviews are a way for leaders to have open discussions about what may tempt team members to exit the organization. As simple and as effective as this practice is, it’s too often forgotten, overlooked or ignored. Don’t let any of these excuses keep you from conducting stay interviews.

Master your digital body language

October 6, 2021
Erica Dhawan, author of Digital Body Language, identifies many ways in which digital communication is different from traditional body language so you can more effectively convey your message in the digital realm.

8 tips for having difficult conversations via videoconference

September 23, 2021
Remote and hybrid work arrangements will almost certainly remain part of the management landscape in the months and years to come. That means it’s time to formalize ad hoc processes that emerged during the pandemic. Whether meeting with employees yourself or training supervisors how to interact with team members, these tips can make it easier to use Zoom for talking about matters that normally warrant face-to-face interactions.