Thoughts on freedom in the workplace

July 1, 2007
I saw an article stating “Workers can be fired or reprimanded for sharing their opinions with co-workers, customers or the public, raising the question: Whatever happened to the freedom of speech?”

Dealing with a burned-out boss

July 1, 2007
It’s not surprising–or a sign of personal weakness–that more and more bosses feel burned out. But you need the vision and guidance an enthusiastic boss provides in order to do your very best work. Here are some steps to take:

Learning how to listen well

June 1, 2007
Most of us were never trained to listen well. Our schools teach reading, writing and speaking skills far more thoroughly than listening skills. Many of us display bad listening habits.

When delegating work goes wrong

May 1, 2007
As managers, we must be careful how we delegate work because that’s when our actions have the most immediate impact on the everyday lives of our employees.

The art of giving good instructions

May 1, 2007
Giving instructions is an important management skill. And it is a skill—one you can learn and improve. Here are some guidelines from the pros.

Mastering active listening

April 1, 2007
To be an effective team leader, it’s important to avoid talking too much and listening too little. Here are some strategies that can help you master active listening.

Conquer public-speaking fears

March 1, 2007
Are you afraid of public speaking? Of course you are. Isn’t everyone? Here are some suggestions that can help.

When a new hire just doesn’t fit in

March 1, 2007
Elmer is a skilled professional, but he just doesn’t fit in with your team. His influence has negatively impacted your team. What do you do?

Make it easier to say no

February 1, 2007
Many managers ask, “How can I say no?” What they really mean is, “How can I say no without hurting people or feeling guilty or developing a reputation as a naysayer?”

Strategies for building team loyalty

January 1, 2007
Is loyalty in the workplace a thing of the past? Absolutely not! In fact, genuine loyalty might be easier to find today than it was in the old days.