A primer for more effective meetings

July 1, 2004
Many managers and supervisors spend up to half their time attending and preparing for meetings. If you lead some of those meetings, make them as effective as possible.

Are your team members too angry?

June 1, 2004
Are your team members feeling hot under the collar? Experts tell us there are more than 1.5 million incidents of anger-related workplace violence in the U.S. each year — and the number’s growing.

How to disagree with your boss–productively

May 1, 2004
Disagree with the boss? Some managers say they can’t do it. Some won’t. Some wish they could. And some say it’s not necessary. But in our experience, the boss isn’t always right—and sometimes needs feedback to tell him so.

When good employees use bad language

May 1, 2004
You’re no prude, but some of your employees can be downright foulmouthed, particularly when people or things aren’t “cooperating.” This hurts both their image and that of the team, and you want to make a change. Here’s some expert advice:

Turn your team’s negativity around

April 1, 2004
Are negative attitudes among your team members getting you down — and dragging down results? Some sage advice from the experts:

Writing to reach below-average readers

March 1, 2004
Even if you’re a face-to-face manager, written communication with your people is a major part of your team leader’s toolbox. But what if your team members, for whatever reason, aren’t very good readers? Here are some techniques to consider:

Stay above fray when workers fight

March 1, 2004
It’s one thing to have an open-door policy and welcome input — including complaints — from your people. It’s another to get caught up in every dispute between your team members.

What is morale made of? Some specific strategies

March 1, 2004
Most of us recognize good or bad morale when we see it, but what is morale made of? It’s a combination of attitudes that employees hold about their jobs, their workplaces, their managers, and the rewards they receive.

Serving customers via e-mail: How to send a message

February 1, 2004
The explosion of electronic mail has changed the way we communicate with customers — and not always for the better.

Help workers ask for what they need

January 1, 2004
Every manager’s dealt with demanding and unreasonable employees. But every manager’s also dealt with workers whose demands are reasonable — but who are afraid to ask the boss (that’s you) for what they need. Here are some ways you can help: