Tactfully help grieving employees

September 23, 2020
When an employee suffers a personal crisis, such as the death of a loved one, it can be difficult to know how to respond. Of course, you want to express sympathy, but you may feel the need to balance your roles as both manager and acquaintance or friend. Here’s what you can do.

Good reasons to pause before answering

September 23, 2020
Whether giving a speech, addressing a meeting, or just talking one-on- one with an employee, take a pause before answering tough questions. Here’s why.

Trumpet the successful side of change

September 10, 2020
When you’re changing the structure of your group or the way you do things, mine the following areas for good news.

4 questions and phrases to use regularly with your employees

August 28, 2020
Here are four questions and phrases all managers should include in employee conversations to deepen your relationships.

Yes, ask staff for feedback

August 26, 2020
Good managers give feedback. Smart managers ask for it. Here’s how to encourage your employees to give you feedback about your performance that you can learn from.

Prime your staff for ideas

August 14, 2020
No manager can have all the solutions or all the ideas. But whether your workforce is willing to contribute their own ideas and wisdom depends on your attitude and your organization’s culture.

Feedback for new hires

July 22, 2020
New hires typically want lots of information about how they’re doing during their first few weeks and months on the job. Providing good feedback will get them engaged in their work and committed to your organization for the long term. Here’s how to give them the support they need.

Inclusivity and harmony: The battle against racism

July 10, 2020
Companies and their leaders need to be at the forefront in the battle against racism.

4 tips to be a better persuader

July 9, 2020
Yes, you can order your employees to do what you want, but you’ll get better results by persuading them that you know what you’re talking about. Persuasion is a skill that can be developed with practice. Here are four tips.

Communication is key to fixing performance

June 26, 2020
Dealing with an employee who’s not performing up to standards doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It does call for a lot of communication. Follow these guidelines.