What to cover in your one-on-ones

June 24, 2020
Regular one-on-one meetings with employees can help you both move forward with confidence, as long as you do more than chat about the weather and last night’s ballgame.

How to handle an extrovert

June 12, 2020
Extroverted employees are friendly and outgoing, like to talk to co-workers and customers, and are often good communicators. But when their jobs get tough or they feel down, they also need to talk, and they probably come to you. Accept this as the natural order of things, and make it positive and productive for both them and yourself.

When criticizing, careful with praise

March 13, 2020
When you have to criticize an employee’s work, being kind, positive and balanced is never wrong.

2 simple steps to make your next meeting a success

March 5, 2020
To ensure your next meeting produces results, the Harvard Business Review urges two critical steps.

How to collaborate with virtual co-workers

February 18, 2020
If you work virtually—or others on your team do—follow this advice to make collaboration simpler and more effective.

Deliver criticism the proper way

February 13, 2020
Whether you call it “negative feedback” or “constructive criticism,” telling employees that they’re doing something wrong is usually tricky. When you need to give a little criticism, follow these steps.

Avoid sending 3 unintended negatives

January 2, 2020
Employees watch their bosses closely for signs of being in and out of favor. Half the battle is providing good feedback when employees do well; the other half is not giving out negative messages inadvertently. Avoid these negative vibes.

Put an end to the excuses

January 2, 2020
The next time a co-worker or employee says “I wasn’t sure what you wanted, so I didn’t move forward” or something along those lines, follow these steps.

Address gender communication gaps

January 2, 2020
Here are three common—albeit not all-inclusive—differences and what you can do as leader to bridge the communication gap between male and female employees.

Important message? Deliver it yourself

January 2, 2020
You certainly don’t need to communicate everything yourself, but there are also some messages you shouldn’t entrust to others. The question is, how should you decide which is which? Here are four criteria.