Discipline & Termination

Alcoholism: a disability; drunkenness: a firing offense

February 11, 2011
Alcoholism may be a disability, but that doesn’t mean alcoholic employees can get away with showing up at work a little tipsy.

Discussing poor performance

August 1, 2010
Thoughts on how to discipline poor performers without muddling your message.

Bottom-line idea: Use the 2x2x2 formula

April 1, 2010
Thoughts on what to do after a disciplinary meeting with an employee.

Fend off an unexpected angry outburst

April 1, 2010
How to successfully handle an office confrontation: You’re faced with a longtime employee who never caused problems until now. Suddenly, she is in trouble on multiple fronts. What should you do?

Disciplining made easy

January 1, 2010
Disciplining poor performers is among the most dreaded tasks for many managers. But if you prepare carefully, the disciplinary process becomes far easier.

After a bad hire, be prepared to fire

October 1, 2009
No one likes to talk about firing people. It’s traumatic for all involved. But many managers confess that they have not terminated poor performers soon enough.

Climb over the noncompliance hump

October 1, 2009
Your employee, Jason, exhibits strong performance in most areas. But he neglects one of his key job duties. How can you avoid terminating him without letting him off the hook?

Dealing with a dithering supervisor

June 1, 2009
You manage a supervisor, Ray, who dislikes making hard decisions. When faced with a tough personnel situation, he tends to dither and talk through his options endlessly with you …

Discipline with an eye on change

August 1, 2008
Are you unhappy with an employee’s sloppy performance? The problem probably won’t take care of itself, so you need to raise your concerns.

Pave the road to termination

May 1, 2008
The prospect of terminating an employee may keep you up at night, but you’ll rest easier if you lay the groundwork to ensure your policy provides flexibility and clarity about your right to fire.