Discipline & Termination

Does disciplining make you uneasy?

August 13, 2016
Many managers dislike having to discipline their workers. And the employees who fail to produce acceptable work are rarely the easiest ones with whom to talk. They may be prickly, snide or cryptic. Here’s how to discipline them.

5 key steps leading up to a firing

July 15, 2016
No employee should ever be taken by a “You’re fired!” surprise when it comes to subpar performance.

What to do when worker refuses to sign disciplinary memo

June 17, 2016
Every manager knows the importance of disciplinary documentation. But what happens if an employee refuses to sign his disciplinary memo?

Insist that employees follow call-off rules

May 27, 2016
Some employees think as long as they can get a doctor’s note certifying that they missed work due to a disability or a serious health condition, they can’t be punished. Not true!

Document all the details when disciplining

May 19, 2016
Skipping careful analysis in discipline investigations is a bad idea.

Sexual harassment: What to look for

May 4, 2016
Sexual harassment costs U.S. workplaces millions of dollars annually in legal liability and lost productivity.

Say what? Handling the tough talks

April 19, 2016
How to find the right words for those tense conversations with employees.

When should you give a reprimand?

March 19, 2016
Being able to give an effective reprimand is an important management skill, but only when you’re confident that reprimands will actually change behavior and produce positive results.

Writing the ‘written warning’

February 18, 2016
A “written warning” is usually a key step in the process of progressive discipline. It’s purpose, of course, is to effect a change in behavior. But how do you write one?

Racial remarks? Respond quickly and forcefully

February 12, 2016
As a manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure that none of your people behave in a way that diminishes the sense of mutual respect and dignity in your unit. That’s what insensitive racial remarks do.