Employee Performance

Help workers handle an assignment change

April 22, 2017
Here are some guidelines to help make the transition a little smoother.

Performance review: Questions to ask

April 17, 2017
Here are questions you can ask to encourage employee participation in a review meeting.

Brady & Belichick: It’s all business

March 28, 2017
The head coach of the New England Patriots has led his football team to seven Super Bowls in 17 years—with Tom Brady as his quarterback.

How to tactfully get your employees out of their comfort zones

February 27, 2017
Consider these hesitancy-reducing strategies when asking your team to broaden their horizons.

Employee motivation in one–yeah, just one–easy step

February 2, 2017
Goal-setting focuses energies, opens lines of communication and keeps everyone on track. That’s where an IPP comes in.

The 7 symptoms of a workplace negativity infection

January 31, 2017
What can you do to stave off that toxicity before it overwhelms the place you live five days a week?

How many ‘work martyrs’ do you have on staff?

January 27, 2017
Almost 40% of employees want to be seen by their boss as a “work martyr.”

Am I the employee you think I am?

December 30, 2016
My name is Worker B., and I do just as much, just as well, as the average employee. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make my star shine just a little brighter than everyone else’s.

Put a better spin on tired performance reviews

December 26, 2016
Stuck with formal performance evaluations? Put a positive spin on a tired system.

Don’t overload new hires

December 19, 2016
Here are four quick tips to help when you orient new employees.