Employee Performance

A new hire can’t let go of old habits

September 1, 2006
You hired Wendy because she came highly recommended from a similar job at another company. She learned the ropes, but continued to make lots of mistakes because she couldn’t let go of old habits …

Performance improvement, in a nutshell

September 1, 2006
Do you have an employee who is not working up to standard? Or one with poor work habits? Or one who hasn’t shown real improvement for some time? While the causes of impaired performance are varied, there’s a time-tested strategy for securing an ongoing commitment from employees to put in the effort to improve results.

Improved performance–by the numbers

August 1, 2006
Learning to quantify performance goals can take time, but it’s a skill worth mastering. Quantified goals help you plan effectively, evaluate your people efficiently and eliminate uncertainty.

Should you take over for a procrastinator?

June 1, 2006
Your newest team member, Sharon, generally does a good job of keeping the work flowing in her area. But of course, nobody’s perfect …

Managing your average performers

June 1, 2006
Studies show that nearly all the time most managers spent on “people work” is divided between their best performers and their worst ones. The people in the mid­dle end up fending for themselves. Though difficult to avoid entirely, the problems that complicate the management of the work of average performers can be resolved.

Turn know-it-alls into go-to stars

April 1, 2006
Both Rob and Lisa are good employees, and Maurice knew that when he hired experienced people, he gained access to new ideas. He didn’t want to discourage them from sharing those ideas—just to understand when and how they should do so. Here’s what Maurice told them:

Put employee morale in the bank

March 1, 2006
“Most leaders truly want to do the right thing,” says Quint Studer, consultant and author of Hardwiring Excellence: Purpose, Worthwhile Work, Making a Difference. “They want positive, productive, trust-based relationships with their people …”

Boost motivation without busting the budget

February 1, 2006
Over the long term, managers have a number of options for improving the performance of chronic slackers—or cutting them loose entirely. But in the heat of a crisis, the options are more limited.

Don’t let employee recognition slide

January 1, 2006
You’ve heard it before, and it sounds really simple, but it often falls by the wayside in the everyday quest to get the job done. Recognition equals motiva­tion—and it doesn’t have anything to do with money.

Helping all employees fit in

December 1, 2005
Whatever the reason for an employee’s isolation from the rest of the group, you can’t afford to let it continue. Your team’s overall performance depends on your ability to help all team members feel comfortable enough to do their best.