Employee Performance

Master the principles of persuasion

October 7, 2020
You get better performance from employees with persuasion than force—more commitment, greater engagement, and a positive attitude. Effective persuasion relies on behavioral principles that may not be obvious, though. Become a master persuader by learning how these factors work.

Got a workaholic on staff? Time to intervene

September 11, 2020
In the short term, workaholics can be quite productive, but long-term they may put your organization at risk for shoddy work, unnecessary overtime, and health and disability costs.

What you must know about performance

September 10, 2020
You’re not managing effectively if you’re not tracking each employee’s performance. Every week, spend some one-on-one time discussing these questions.

Promoting an employee? Look for 3 basic qualifications

September 10, 2020
Imagine that you have an opening for a supervisor in your group, and you’d like to promote someone from the ranks of your employees to the position. Several of your employees seem qualified, but none of them has a track record as a manager. What should you look for in a supervisor candidate?

Fire a worker or switch his duties?

August 28, 2020
You’re beginning to think about firing an employee when someone suggests changing the requirements of the job, or switching jobs, to fit the employee’s strengths. You think you might be able to create a job that the employee could do, but you wonder: Should you?

Demystify ‘performance’ for each employee

August 28, 2020
Here’s how to help workers improve their own performance and make better use of your improvement suggestions: Clarify what “performance” actually involves.

Take staff above the status quo

August 13, 2020
Teach your employees how to excel, not just how to maintain the status quo. Raise their sights by taking these steps:.

Improve the evaluation experience

July 10, 2020
Many managers dislike conducting performance reviews, but it’s safe to say that many employees like them just as little. Here are some of the reasons why—and some tactics you can use to make reviews less painful all around.

Communication is key to fixing performance

June 26, 2020
Dealing with an employee who’s not performing up to standards doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It does call for a lot of communication. Follow these guidelines.

Why do my employees’ self-evaluations seem out of line with reality?

June 12, 2020
Q. Prior to annual performance reviews I like to give an employee a self-evaluation. These appraisals give the worker a chance to gauge a year’s worth of accomplishments, contributions and growth. They are also free to comment, so the process is rather time-consuming. When these forms are returned to me, I get the sense that employees are missing the mark on assessing their worth and performance. Are self-evaluations really worth the effort?