Employee Performance

5 questions to ask employees

May 22, 2019
Fierce Conversations, a business consulting company, recommends all leaders, at their earliest convenience, take the time to ask their employees five essential questions that get to the heart of their role within the company.

Managing depressed employees: What supervisors need to know

May 22, 2019
Given the American Psychiatric Association’s estimate that one in six people will experience depression at some time in his or her life, chances are significant that you’ll deal with the issue among your staff. Yet despite its prevalence, don’t expect team members to readily come forward.

The best way to help employees set goals

April 25, 2019
How you set goals for your employees is important, not just for clarity as to what needs to be done, but also for the motivational value it can add for the employee if you do it right.

Address lack of follow-through

April 25, 2019
You provided an employee with what you thought were explicit instructions, but days later the employee hasn’t followed through. Here’s how to respond.

Give them money or awards?

April 18, 2019
When evaluating possible award systems for your team, consider these factors.

March Madness means camaraderie, at a cost

March 19, 2019
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10 hard questions to ask remote workers

February 22, 2019
Before you agree to any telecommuting arrangement, sit down with the employee and go over the basic ground rules, but then dig deeper. To avoid unpleasant surprises, ask these 10 questions.

Do you judge workers fairly?

February 18, 2019
All managers form opinions of their team members, just as teachers assess their students. And those opinions tend to stick. But problems erupt when you mark certain employees as “bad” or “unreliable” or “scatterbrained.”

Banish workers’ selfishness

February 8, 2019
Apply these strategies to suppress employees’ selfish sides and encourage them to make personal sacrifices for the greater good of the team.

The gentle art of nagging

February 8, 2019
Here’s a questions many managers struggle with: How do I get my employees to follow instructions without having to keep nagging them?