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Yule school: Handling workplace distractions during the holidays

November 10, 2017

No manager wants to come across as Scrooge, but all of the interruptions to “business as usual” during the holiday season can make any leader not so jolly.

New horizons: How to manage your team through times of change and uncertainty

October 31, 2017
It’s nearly inevitable that you and your team will deal with a change in business strategy, roles or responsibilities at some point. Here are some ways all managers can help their teams remain focused.

Gratitude toward your employees: Make it personal, make it count

October 13, 2017
Smart managers know that recognizing employees leads to increased morale, improved engagement and strengthened loyalty. And while showing appreciation in one form or another should be standard all year long, the holiday season provides an especially good opportunity to thank workers for their services.

Employee set to bolt? Read the signs

September 22, 2017
Given that recent research by the Society of Human Resources Management indicates just 38% of employees in the United States are very satisfied with their job, there’s a good chance your employees may be unhappy at work—despite what they share verbally.

How to interact with subordinates outside of work

September 12, 2017
When you’re spending a good part of each day with the same people and working toward common goals, establishing positive relationships raises morale and makes time pass more pleasantly. But should these friendships continue beyond the office when you’re the boss?

No rest for the weary: The risk of “presenteeism”

August 11, 2017
Employees who make a point of being at work every day are a manager’s dream, right? Not so fast. Beware the cost of employees who never take a day off despite being ill.

Onboarding 101: How to ensure that new hires will thrive

July 27, 2017
Finding qualified candidates requires an investment of time, energy and money from all involved in your organization’s recruitment, hiring and training functions—but your role as a manager doesn’t really begin until after employees have completed their new-hire paperwork.

Flextime is the future: How to make it work

July 14, 2017
How to give employees work/life balance and keep the workplace productive.

The art of the employee one-on-one

June 21, 2017
Employee one-on-ones are critical meetings leaders can leverage to understand employee interests, strengths and weaknesses; to build a sense of mutual trust and respect; and provide the support employees need. But like most meetings, there are some basic guidelines you and your employees should know and adhere to.

What to do if your audience tunes you out

June 20, 2017
Realizing that an audience has begun to tune you out can be unsettling when making a presentation, but it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. In fact, realizing that your audience’s attention has waned presents a valuable opportunity to reconnect and ensure that your presentation resonates. Here’s how.