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Compassionate management: How supervisors can help employees deal with ADHD

September 13, 2019
In recognition of October being ADHD Awareness Month, here’s a look at dealing with ADHD at work and what managers can do to help.

4 ways managers can cultivate intrinsic motivation

August 14, 2019
Intrinsically motivated employees want to succeed because of the internal benefit they experience—like pride or perhaps the internal satisfaction of simply feeling they’ve been productive.

It’s playtime! The benefits of desktop toys and gadgets

August 9, 2019
While your office needn’t resemble a 5-year-old’s playroom, a carefully chosen toy or two can prove beneficial. Here’s a look at some items people keep around and the purposes they serve.

Out of the doldrums: How to reignite your employees’ passion

July 29, 2019
Just as partners benefit from checking with one another to gauge fulfillment levels and figure out how to grow together, managers who take an interest in maintaining a passionate staff reap great rewards.

Where’s the boss? 6 signs you’re undermanaging your employees

July 26, 2019
While there’s a fine line between empowering your employees to own their work and be accountable, and undermanaging to the point that your team doesn’t perceive you as engaged, accessible or even aware of what they do, recognizing the difference is the first step to making sure you’re not so “hands-off” that you’re not managing anything, or anyone.

Friendly rivalries: Keeping workplace competitiveness healthy and productive

July 12, 2019
A bit of friendly competition can energize a workplace and boost performance levels. But when office rivalries start mimicking the intensity of a heavyweight prizefight, managers need to take action before their business suffers casualties.

Hired a new employee? Don’t skip these four critical onboarding steps

May 23, 2019
You may have searched months to find that perfect employee, but the real job of turning a new hire into a productive and engaged team member has just begun.

Managing depressed employees: What supervisors need to know

May 22, 2019
Given the American Psychiatric Association’s estimate that one in six people will experience depression at some time in his or her life, chances are significant that you’ll deal with the issue among your staff. Yet despite its prevalence, don’t expect team members to readily come forward.

Think positive: Turnaround tactics for negative employees

April 26, 2019
Instead of trying to oust a negative employee, try these tips to identify the root cause behind the bad attitude, to see if there’s any chance of helping the employee stage a turnaround.

Welcome to the working world: 5 common errors of recent grads

April 23, 2019
Recent college graduates thrilled to land their first “real” job invigorate a workplace with their energy and fresh perspectives. However, they also can make their share of mistakes as they transition from student to employee.