Hiring & Interviewing

Recruit a customer? Why not?

August 15, 2011

All new hires are excited to have a new job, but some are genuinely thrilled to be working at your organization. Finding these individuals isn’t as hard as you might think. All it takes is viewing your customers in a new light.

The threat of smart people

March 1, 2011
You seek input from colleagues before picking which job candidates to hire or which workers to promote. It’s admirable that you solicit their insights and impressions. There’s just one problem: Their input may not necessarily reflect a dispassionate or accurate analysis.

Give the new hires a running start

August 1, 2010
After rounds of interviews and internal debates about whom to hire, the preferred candidate happily accepts the position. Here are some tips for a smooth start.

Tech Tips: YouTube

July 1, 2010
Tips on the usefulness of YouTube to your business and using other social media sites for job candidate evaluations.

Extract juicy info in interviews

June 1, 2010
How to respond on a human level when interviewing without overdoing it.

Hire the hungry, not the comfy

May 1, 2010
Ideas on how to hire strategically during the economic downturn.

How to spot star job candidates

June 1, 2009
If you’re like many managers, your top priority when hiring employees is making sure they can do the job. Sounds simple, right?

‘Hey, we’re hiring’

June 1, 2008
Jeffrey, a manager at a call center in Oregon, says his goal is to take creative steps to recruit employees amid a severe shortage in talent.

The aftershocks of a bad hire

April 1, 2008
About one year ago, you hired Jim with high hopes. After a grueling search, you decided that he could plug a hard-to-fill hole in your company. You were thrilled.

When a temp fails a drug test, what next?

March 1, 2008
The ever-present threat of litigation can turn seemingly simple situations into harrowing ethical dilemmas.