Hiring & Interviewing

Be sure to track who you didn’t hire, too

December 9, 2021
If the same person who made a hiring decision, knowing the candidate belonged to a protected class, also makes the firing decision, it’s almost impossible for the former employee to sue and argue she was terminated because of discrimination. But to succeed in court, you must be able to describe the applicants you did not hire.

6 recommendations to find and retain top-tier talent

October 19, 2021
In today’s tight labor market, finding and keeping talent is a business imperative. The Conference Board offers these recommendations to recruit and retain the talent organizations need to succeed, especially in an environment of remote and hybrid work.

Ensure post-offer tests are job-related and necessary

September 23, 2021
Making a job offer is a de facto acknowledgement that you believe the applicant was qualified for the position. If you make the offer contingent on passing some sort of pre-employment test, make sure the test is job-related and consistent with business necessity. Otherwise, you are courting lawsuits that likely favor applicants who fail the test.

Someone please reinvent the job ad!

September 8, 2021
As someone who’s made generous rounds of job-seeking and interviewing over a career, I can just about recite the text of most job postings. Let me guess… you’re looking for a dynamic candidate for your fast-paced environment that’s offering a competitive salary?

4 smart things to do when hiring and firing remotely

May 14, 2021
Leaders know that bringing new people on board and handling terminations properly are two activities too important to perform haphazardly. While remote hiring and firing pose challenges, managers cannot use location as an excuse to slack.

Listen to what voices reveal

March 24, 2021
During hiring interviews, focus on candidates’ voices as well as their appearance. People control their appearance through their clothes selection and a well-practiced smile, but faking sincerity vocally is a bit more difficult.

Candidate trashes last job? Listen

November 25, 2020
How should you react when applicants run down their former and current employers during interviews? Sure, you’re suspicious, but try putting aside your irritation and taking (ethical) advantage of the situation to find out more about these applicants. Use these tactics to follow up for details.

Top workers have these skills

November 25, 2020
Your best employees are probably the ones you don’t have to monitor closely because they know how to manage themselves. When you’re interviewing, hiring, and looking for employees to promote, keep an eye out for these crucial self-management skills.

Think twice about these job candidates

October 29, 2020
Hiring the right person is a time-consuming process, and you don’t want to waste an interview on a candidate who’s not going to be a good fit for the job, or your organization. Bad hires aren’t always obvious, though. Here are some danger signs to watch out for as you consider candidates before and during the interview.

Follow-up interview? Maybe

October 23, 2020
Ever wonder if you should do a second interview with a candidate? This criteria will help you decide.