Leadership & Career

Harness the power of the thank-you note

October 11, 2019
If the last time you remember penning an actual thank-you note was at age 10 when your mother insisted you couldn’t spend the birthday money Aunt Helen sent until you wrote one, you’re missing out on a simple way to connect with others—and enhance your own life.

Let ’em grow! How to make career development a priority for your employees

September 27, 2019
Here are four ways all managers can start to build a team culture that prioritizes learning and development.

It’s playtime! The benefits of desktop toys and gadgets

August 9, 2019
While your office needn’t resemble a 5-year-old’s playroom, a carefully chosen toy or two can prove beneficial. Here’s a look at some items people keep around and the purposes they serve.

Keep your anger in check

August 9, 2019
Learn to control your anger and you will deal more effectively with difficult situations. Follow these steps to stay in control.

3 cardinal rules of documentation

August 9, 2019
Strong documentation systems must be built on three basic principles.

Where’s the boss? 6 signs you’re undermanaging your employees

July 26, 2019
While there’s a fine line between empowering your employees to own their work and be accountable, and undermanaging to the point that your team doesn’t perceive you as engaged, accessible or even aware of what they do, recognizing the difference is the first step to making sure you’re not so “hands-off” that you’re not managing anything, or anyone.

Be a mentally tough leader

July 26, 2019
To be a truly successful leader—one whom people follow and emulate—you need to develop mental toughness. Follow these tips from psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker Amy Morin.

Set standards for working together

July 26, 2019
When team members take time to agree upon standard practices for their group, they avoid misunderstandings, confusion and frustration. Lead your team in a discussion of topics like these.

How to handle those rude people in your workplace

July 24, 2019
Work relationships can be challenging, especially when people don’t care about or are ignorant of the impact they are having on others. Here’s some advice for dealing with rude folks in your workplace.

6 signs you might be the reason your employees are quitting

July 11, 2019
No boss wants to admit that they are the reason for their team’s issues, but if you’re experiencing recurring morale and retention problems, you might want to look inward for the cause. According to members of Forbes Coaches Council, here are some clear signs that it’s not your employees—it’s you.