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Managing depressed employees: What supervisors need to know

May 22, 2019
Given the American Psychiatric Association’s estimate that one in six people will experience depression at some time in his or her life, chances are significant that you’ll deal with the issue among your staff. Yet despite its prevalence, don’t expect team members to readily come forward.

Interview: Defining the quality manager

May 10, 2019
Philip Crosby, author of Quality Is Free: The Art of Making Quality Certain, gave this interview some years ago on management.

Smart—but toxic—employees

April 25, 2019
Insanely smart or skilled employees are an asset—but what if they’re also toxic? Take this advice.

3 people who make change hard

April 25, 2019
Navigating a team through change is challenging, but it becomes much more difficult when you have one of these people on your team.

3 steps to turn around a culture

April 25, 2019
If morale has tanked, customer complaints are rampant, and turnover is high, a hostile work environment may be to blame. You will need to address the underlying issues in order to overhaul the culture and create a work environment that people are happy and proud to be a part of. Start here.

Encourage employees to disagree

March 27, 2019
To ensure you are fostering a workplace where employees feel free to question bad ideas—even from you—follow these tips.

4 signs that fear may be sabotaging your leadership potential

March 22, 2019
While learning to manage without fear is easier said than done, it may be the one critical element that separates an acceptable manager from a true leader that others want to follow.

Do you suffer from ‘workism’?

March 21, 2019
There has been some decrease in the workweek’s overall average, but wealthy, college-educated people are working more than ever.

The bedrock of success

March 8, 2019
Want to be a great manager? Then build and foster trust in the workplace.

Prevent technology distractions

February 27, 2019
Follow these tips to ensure technology is aiding your communication—and not distracting you or employees from work.