Leadership & Career

Celebrate the small stuff

April 23, 2021
In difficult times, it’s important to celebrate the work that goes well. Doing so raises spirits and focuses your crew on what they can do as opposed to their problems.

Common missteps you need to avoid

April 23, 2021
Nobody’s perfect. As a manager, you’ll make some mistakes. Just avoid these common missteps that rookies and veterans alike are vulnerable to.

How to cultivate collaboration

April 14, 2021
Teamwork is a cooperative effort. As a team leader, pay attention to these guidelines for successful collaboration.

How to be an assertive manager without coming off as pushy: 8 tips

April 9, 2021
Ever feel like a wimpy manager or an administrative doormat? Stand up for your interests and express your feelings by developing greater assertiveness.

Be persistent with new procedures

April 9, 2021
You probably already know the basic steps in helping your employees implement a new work procedure. Whether it’s an improved way to handle customer calls or a better manufacturing process, you can’t give these steps the once-over—you have to be excessive all the way through to make the transition work.

We have to stop meeting like this

March 26, 2021
3 ways to stop wasting time on Zoom and in the conference room.

Quash rumors and build trust

March 24, 2021
When things are changing rapidly and people are worried, rumors are the currency of the day. However, the negative effects of rumors don’t have to prevail. The founder of one company used open meetings, uncensored questioning by employees, and humor to disarm rumors and build employees’ trust.

Horror tales have value

March 12, 2021
Every group has its horror stories—those tales of the bad customer, the bad boss or just the bad day that people still shake their heads at long after the original situation is over. Dig into them for details, and you can add to your group’s shared knowledge and culture.

Recreate the ‘office’ in your virtual workplace

February 24, 2021
Technology and infrastructure solutions abound and have helped drive ongoing productivity. But at the center of a successful transition is the team leader, whose influence, as outlined here, is magnified in a virtual environment.

Limit your tolerance for whiners

February 24, 2021
Watch out for office whiners— employees who continually complain about everything imaginable.