Leadership & Career

Surprising ways to look bad at work

September 27, 2017
You know that coming in late, being a jerk to co-workers and botching your assignments can hurt your workplace reputation. However, you probably never thought the following actions could be making you look bad.

Dissect errors without finger-pointing

September 26, 2017
For years, Sheryl Sandberg handled employees’ mistakes by following standard procedure: Identify the key participants, meet with them and assess to what extent they take responsibility for their error. While there’s nothing wrong with that strategy, it has its limits.

5 deceptively simple steps to success

September 23, 2017
CEOs like to follow well-established practices to operate efficiently and pursue strategy. From using organizational charts to tracking key performance indicators, they favor certain structures to impose order.

Sometimes, you got to think fast

September 22, 2017
There’s not always time for detailed analysis before you make a decision. But that doesn’t mean you should just flip a coin and hope for the best. Good quick decisions come from thinking ahead.

Would you work for this guy?

September 19, 2017
When tough-as-nails Hunter Harrison became CEO of railway company CSX Corp. in March 2017, the stock soared. That’s because Harrison, 72, has a track record of impressive turnarounds—taking underperforming railroad com­panies and boosting their profits.

How to interact with subordinates outside of work

September 12, 2017
When you’re spending a good part of each day with the same people and working toward common goals, establishing positive relationships raises morale and makes time pass more pleasantly. But should these friendships continue beyond the office when you’re the boss?

Play it safe this Halloween

September 12, 2017
These days it seems anybody could read what they want in just about anything they see. More so, when it comes to Halloween costumes.

Must-do leadership actions

August 23, 2017
If you want people to follow you, you need to prove your credibility. But how do you do that? Follow these critical tips.

The tough decision checklist: Finish it and sleep soundly tonight

August 16, 2017
Stop second-guessing yourself and get out a pen. After you go coolly through this checklist point by point, you’ll be ready to stand up and make that difficult call—no hesitation, and no regrets.

Keep those small commitments!

August 14, 2017
Your days are indeed dotted with small promises and commitments to your employees: from “I’ll stop by this afternoon to give you a hand” to “drop by my office later and we’ll talk about that.” Here are some tips on how to keep your word.