Leadership & Career

Why your team needs the big picture

March 4, 2011
People who don’t understand strategy and the big picture can end up working hard on the wrong things, making poor decisions or even quitting out of frustration. Do your people “get it”? To find out, test your team’s ability to discuss the big picture.

Healthy habits to fight stress

March 1, 2011
As hypertension, diabetes and other chronic ailments increase, many health experts believe stress management offers a strong defense.

To innovate, skip focus groups

March 1, 2011
Some managers assume the best way to spur innovation is to convene a brainstorming meeting or focus group of customers. But such groups can block creativity even as they try to promote it.

8 steps to a more productive meeting

February 15, 2011
Between vague agendas and never-ending PowerPoints, meetings have become a waste of time for many. Here’s how some experts structure their huddles to make them productive and run smoothly:

Butting heads

August 1, 2010
Wes, a manager at an electronics manufacturer, tells us about his confrontation with another senior executive.

Address ambiguity without blinders on

August 1, 2010
Ambiguity makes us uncomfortable, but here are some tips on how to take command and become a more successful manager.

Think twice about 3-D TVs

August 1, 2010
Read about the effects of 3-D TVs before you make that big holiday purchase.

Calm the raging furies to lead

August 1, 2010
How to keep yourself from reacting too impulsively to every bit of good or bad news and exhausting yourself and your employees.

A new start

July 1, 2010
Terry, a manager at a financial firm, discusses his challenges dealing with an uncommunicative peer.

Managing the unthinkable: After Mumbai

July 1, 2010
Learn how to counsel, regroup and gain strength from each other after a trying event.