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Game over at GameStop: Employees walk out

June 17, 2022
Plenty of overworked, underpaid workers are fed up with their managers these days, but at one GameStop store in Lincoln, Nebraska, the entire staff simultaneously quit, shutting the doors of the business.

Are you prepared for a medical emergency at work?

June 17, 2022
Medical emergencies can and do happen in offices every day, and your team will have a much better chance of navigating them if they prepare in advance. Whether it’s an employee having a heart attack or stroke, sustaining an injury or going into diabetic shock, managers need to be ready to find themselves on the front line of a medical crisis. Keep these tips in mind.

Should employees rate each other?

June 17, 2022
While trends indicate that the dreaded annual performance review might be going the way of floppy disks, one employer has come up with a new “radical transparency” app to try to evaluate workers differently. If it gains steam, it’s likely to be controversial.

You’re right to worry—but here are 7 tips to control it

June 10, 2022
Most managers expect themselves to worry to some degree. It’s a natural part of holding a position where your actions affect the success of the company and the lives of many. They also realize, though, that excessive worrying causes problems, from stomach ailments and headaches to irritability and lack of concentration. Chastising oneself to quit worrying rarely works, so what does? Try these strategies.

Be prepared for a crisis with a business impact assessment

June 10, 2022
In going about your day-to-day operations, you likely don’t have much time to plan for the worst. But all managers should conduct a business impact assessment to determine the most likely hazards that could suddenly cause everything from your processes to staff morale to quickly break down due to factors beyond any one person’s control.

Ex-colleague trashes us online: What to say?

June 8, 2022
Q. A senior leader was let go from our company. As a friend of hers, I’ve become aware of disparaging things she now writes online about it—nothing widely seen, but I think many of them are unjustified. I want to stay friends, but also put an end to these inaccuracies. Any suggestions?

The 10 tenets of a group dynamic

June 8, 2022
“A group or co-operative enterprise is more likely to succeed,” wrote researchers Malcolm Harper and A.K. Roy in a study published in 1980, “if the following conditions are satisfied.”

Let employees go out how they want

June 8, 2022
Like most rituals, the office farewell party is, in theory, a nice idea. But honestly… who has ever enjoyed theirs?

Unlimited PTO: What could go wrong?

May 27, 2022
Make sure you know what the company and the staff are signing up for.

Wow, now this is tone-deaf!

May 11, 2022
Recently, some workers received an email from their employer, a large health and science university. The email read: “In response to the current community hardship caused by the covid-19 pandemic, (company) has decided to assist all employees in getting through these difficult times.”