Leadership & Career

Would your high school self approve of how you’re managing?

June 18, 2014
It’s time you responded to your harshest critic—yourself at age 18, who had no idea what demands lay ahead in running a staff of (gasp!) adults.

Want staff loyalty? Then earn it

May 27, 2014
Lack of trust in management is one of the main reasons employees disengage from their work and seek jobs elsewhere. Here are 10 ways to keep them on board.

6 workplace traditions that are hanging on for dear life

May 1, 2014
The way your business is being run is so 2014. The time has come to look ahead.

Why leaders fail

May 1, 2014
Everyone agrees that leadership is vital. But what is it, and why does it sometimes fail?

Don’t dump on your top performers … but don’t go to the other extreme

March 10, 2014
It’s only normal when you have a priority project that needs to be done right the first time that you turn to one of your top-notch employees. But when you start handing your top talent tight-deadline, high-priority projects day after day, you’re no longer offering them a challenge. You’ve crossed the line into “dumping” territory.

Go ahead, say it: ‘I don’t know’

February 21, 2014
The next time you do not have an answer for something, say, “I don’t know,” and then smile pleasantly or sheepishly, and wait for a response.

Establish a set of simple rules

February 3, 2014
In everyday conversation, we may chafe at those who make assertions without proof. Too many dogmatic declarations can prove a turnoff. Yet top leaders thrive on dogmatism.

How Strangers Can Help Your Career

December 1, 2013
A common belief is that who you know influences your level of business success. But Alan Gregerman, PhD, author of The Necessity of Strangers, makes the case that who we don’t know may be more important. Here, Gregerman explains to Managing People at Work’s Beth Braccio Hering why it’s so important to connect with strangers.

Making the Leap to Leader

December 1, 2013
You’ve worked hard to become a great manager. The next step in your career is to become a great leader.

How to get ahead using an elevator pitch

November 1, 2013
Is the elevator speech an outdated approach to networking? Not a chance. Every professional needs to be able to effectively answer the question, “So, what do you do?” In that short but valuable piece of time you’re given to respond, sparking interest is key.