Leadership & Career

Follow your inner compass

March 1, 2010
Managing yourself and your career by knowing when to follow directives—and when to break them.

Simplify and prosper

February 1, 2010
If you keep adding task after task to the point where your duties expand like a monstrous blob, you’re in trouble. The resulting complexity can immobilize even the most organized executive.

When change backfires

February 1, 2010
Two years after Stephen P. Kaufman joined Arrowhead Electronics, he sought to improve the company’s inventory management system. Outside consultants recommended changes … that backfired.

Recover from mistake without losing face

February 1, 2010
After you make an embarrassing error at work, the real test is how you respond.

Escape from an ethical dilemma

February 1, 2010
In exploring whether your company should sign a contract with a supplier in another country, you’re working with a foreign intermediary. But things are starting to smell …

Health Corner: See your eyesight improve

February 1, 2010
Check your health insurance plan. It probably covers an eye exam every two years or so. Do you take advantage?

Tech Tips: Power up your phone

February 1, 2010
Power up your cell phone for extended use … To show techies you care, heap praise upon gratitude.

What drives you to listen?

February 1, 2010
Ask 100 CEOs for the weakest link in their leadership skills and more than half will probably admit, “I should listen better.” Why is it so hard for powerful people to listen?

Advice that’s good to great

February 1, 2010
If your professional career lasts long enough, you’ll hear advice from wiser (or at least older) bosses that begins to contradict itself. Then you’ll really be confused.

For decisions, use ethical mode

January 1, 2010
Leslie Muma once read, “Ethics are not taught. They’re caught.” He applied that insight to his leadership.