Leadership & Career

Bounce back from an embarrassing error

January 1, 2008
It happens to all of us. In a critical moment when all eyes are upon us, we do or say something terribly wrong. The embarrassment is almost too much to bear.

A long climb to the top

January 1, 2008
Few managers can say they’ve climbed Mount Everest. Jim Whittaker not only reached the summit, but he was the first American to do it. After conquering Everest, Whittaker became CEO of REI.

Are you depression-proof?

January 1, 2008
Most people continue to show up every day even when mildly depressed, research shows. If you’re one of them, seek medical treatment if the problem prevents you from operating at full capacity.

Manage like Sam Walton

January 1, 2008
You may not run a retail giant like Wal-Mart, but you can still follow Sam Walton’s lead in managing people.

Gain inspiration in one sentence

January 1, 2008
We all need a little pick-me-up now and then. Instead of reaching for a candy bar, inspire yourself with these memorable lines.

Make time for the things you care about

November 1, 2007
Are you spending enough time on the things that are really important to you? Or does your time get eaten up by routine, trivial tasks?

‘How would this look in the newspaper?’

October 1, 2007
So here’s the latest flap from City Hall in the city where I live.

Break the procrastination habit

July 1, 2007
Sometimes we’re not in the mood. And other times we’re avoiding difficult tasks that make us uncomfortable. Whatever the case, procrastination will only make things worse.

Negotiating with your boss

July 1, 2007
Getting your manager to meet your needs is an important part of your job. Here’s how to succeed when it’s time to negotiate.

Are you displaying your dominance?

June 1, 2007
While being “in charge” and “in control” are often overrated as marks of a good leader, it’s still true that being a manager involves having higher status and more power than your employees.